Dec 27, 2007

Warmer Days

Here is a picture of warmer days.

If memory serves me right this is at a hotel in Cave City, Kentucky.

It was on old 31 close to the Tee Pee motel.

When we go past this hotel today I think it looks scary but I remember having a good time that day.

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Emmalea said...

YIKES! What was I thinking? It must have been really HOT that day!Also - this was the motel I tried to coach the 3 boys in how to do a jack-knife dive. After quite a few critiques - they finally called me on it and told me to "show" them how it was suppose to be executed. The truth was revealed. I don't dive --- and barely can swim. After that - they no longer looked for my approval on their tricks. Dad and I have been so pleased you guys did learn to swim - and dive. Now all of the grandstinkers swim too. ~Mom