Dec 21, 2007

Christmas 15

Couldn't tell if this was Christmas or Thanksgiving but I thought I would put it up anyway.

This is in the kitchen at our house on Lexington Ave. in Indy.
It is the Butler side of the family.

I see Aunt Pearl in the middle with Aunt Odel to the left. Mom is on the far left.

I will have to guess who's back is to us, and my guess is Georgina.

Fill us in on the details Mom.


Emmalea said...
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Emmalea said...

You're right - that is Georgenia. I am guessing this could have been a birhtday get together for Chad and me. I don't know of another reason I would have a green irish looking corsage on other than that St. Patrick's Day (and Chad's B-day) is the day before my birthday. Everyone has longsleeves on so it was still cold weather. The salt and pepper shakers are on my kitchen counter today! I just found them last week and filled them up to use again.~ Mom

Me said...

We used to have those same tall, thin Tupperware glasses. I remember that they had lids too. Brian said something about his mom proving the plates were unbreakable by throwing them down the hallway. Is he making this up?

Emmalea said...

Yes, Elaine,the amber colored glass plates etc. on the table were break resistant - oven-tempered glass from a company called Wheatonware. They sold at parties like tupperware. Carol was a distributor. Not only I - but everyone in the family that owned them tossed those plates on the floor to impress people. This was before micro waves so the fact that you could store food in the freezer - and warm food in the oven in the serving dishes -- I don't think you could bake in them though. My favorite memory (and less embarrasing for me) was an Easter at Carol's when a serving platter was on the stove and the burner had gotten turned on by mistake. We noticed the platter "glowing". Someone jumped up and immediately turned the stove burner off...which was a bad idea. The platter cooled too quickly and that sucker blew to smitherines all over the kitchen! Cool thing about that was the oven tempered glass busted into small balls - not schrapnel shards of glass. At least it was easy to clean up and no one got cut. I still have a few of the serving pieces. NO - none broke in the tosses - I just tired of them after they began to show wear with scratches. ~ Mom