Jul 31, 2009


I thought I would tell all of you about some of the recent things I have been up to lately.

I recently made a website for Faulkenberg Printing Company.

It is still under construction but most of it is done. Be sure to go there and click around and tell me what you think about it.

Click here = Faulkenberg Printing

I also teamed up with another Brian and started another blog called Under The Giant Penny.

The two of us will be sharing our Bat-collections here for all the world to see.
Not only will we post things from our Batman collections but also stories that are attached to them.

We will copost every Friday with random posts from each of us as we come across goodies that we can't wait to share.

Many of you have been kind to me over the years and given me many Bat-things.
So check in every now and then and see if I have posted one of your kind gifts.

Click Here = Under The Giant Penny

Batman: The Animated Series 11


Jordan tries to help.


Here is my Mother the artist in 1973.

Looks like she is at an art fair in front of a Woolworth's store.
My guess is that this is in Beechgrove.

Look like she has Brett and I working the other table for her.

Mom was sitting in front of her paintings while Brett and I are in front of the craft table.
I remember helping make these or watching Mom makes these and feeling like I helped.
She used walnut halves and turned them into owls.

I remember these being around the house too.
I think it was different colored beans behind glass. Classic 70's.
I see an owl on one of the selves too.

I do remember making these and I still might have one in my possesion.
It is a donkey made from clothes pins. He even had googly eyes.

I wonder why I don't remember anyone buy from our table?
Wouldn't you trust these to to make change for you?

Jul 30, 2009

Batman: The Animated Series 10


Jekko suspends unconscious Batman in a water tank.

Saint Bernard

Mom and my Cousin Steve.

Must have been a bad drought in 1972.

The drought killed the grass and they found Cujo nearly dead.

Life sure was harder back in the day.

Jul 29, 2009

Jul 28, 2009

Tree Carving

This is a tree on the farm where my Dad grew up in Thompkinsville, Kentucky.

When we were visiting there once, Dad carved our names in a tree.

This slide was taken in 1979.

I wonder what this tree looks like now?

There is something else written on the tree but I can't make it out.

Wow it has been 30 years since this slide was taken!
Where does the time go?

Batman: The Animated Series 8


Batman slugs the exploding card-knife.

Jul 27, 2009

Kentucky Derby

Mom, Dad and me.
This was the spring of 1965 before I was born.

Also this is the only time I have been to the Kentucky derby.

Mom told me that bubblegum was winning in the stretch that year but that cabbage ended up winning by a head.

Jul 24, 2009


Summer 1976

Here we are again in our famous Double Bubble shirts.

Brett and I are on the bottom of the pyramid.
Chads head is sandwiched in between our heads.
The neighbor Kurt is on top.

Eat your hearts out. These were one of a kind shirts that our Mother made.

Jul 23, 2009

Jul 22, 2009


Brett in our backyard in Indy 1973.
That is me on the monkey swing in the background.

I think I have some better pictures and a home movie of it I will post at a later date. It was a blast.

On a side note I am glad that Mom and Dad decided to have Brett's back legs and tail removed.

Good call parents.

Batman: The Animated Series 6


Oh, oh! Jekko discovers Batman followed them.

Jul 20, 2009

3 Generations

Me, my Dad and my Grandpa.
I am guessing this is around 1966.

Batman: The Animated Series 5


Jordan runs away with Jekko.

Jul 17, 2009

Pool Shark

Brett playing pool at Uncle George's house, 1974.

Jul 16, 2009

Batman: The Animated Series 4


Bruce puts out the fire.

Drop Kicked

Brett high jumping in 1977 or did Tim Setser drop kick him?

I have tried to explain to my kids what we had to land on when high jumping back then.

Here it is, nets full of foam pieces.
We had a cinder track and the pad was full of cinders too.
When you landed they would fly in your eyes.

I remember going to a meet at Hauser and dropping out of the competition at 6 foot because the padding did so little to cushion the fall. I still got second but at 5 11 it knocked the wind out of me when I landed.

I was glad when we got new pads and a paved track.

Dad said when he high jumped they landed in sawdust but they didn't do the Fosbury flop like we did. He scissored over the bar.

Jul 10, 2009

Batman: The Animated Series 3


Jekko's dynamite candle looks like The Joker.

Ever Feel This Way?

That's my Mom putting the dog on my head too!

Jul 9, 2009

Batman: The Animated Series 2


Bruce Wayne brings a gift as Jekko entertains.

Tough Guys

What a bunch of goobers.
I am just plain goofy. Chad is doing his best Sears catalog pose.
And I think Brett is working a Teen Beat magazine cover look.

Jul 8, 2009

Batman: The Animated Series, View Master 1993


Batman the Dark Knight.

This is a three disk set of the great animated cartoon series from the 1990's, Batman: The Animated Series.

I was busy working, enjoying being married and having kids at the time and didn't know anything Batman was coming out. Then my brother in law, Danny, who is a few years younger than me told me about the series.

My kids had plenty of the Bat toys and clothing as a result of this great series.
I am glad my kids got to enjoy Batman in their own way growing up.
Plus they got to enjoy it my way too. I had taped many Adam West bat episodes shows for them to cut their teeth on. They wore them out so I am VERY greatful to my friend who has recently sent me replacements of a much higher quality of the episodes.

I am glad my kids are Batfans too.

I hope to post a new family photo of us in our new hero shirts soon.

A Rainy Fourth

We had a rainy Fourth of July here so the above video is my boys activity for the day.

They turned a log into a cannon!
We never loaded it with anything "solid" so that is why it doesn't seem to launch very far.

We also lit off some store bought danger Sunday night and had fun with family and friends doing so.
Some of the crowd sitting way to close.

Jul 7, 2009

Tarzan Rescues Cheta 7


Tarzan shouts news to jungle friends.


Here is my Mother with me 44 years ago.

My Dad.
My Dads Mom.

My Moms Mom.

Jul 2, 2009

Tarzan Rescues Cheta 6


Tarzan vanquishes Numa.

No wonder you don't see much about Tarzan today. He is tougher that Chuck Norris.
He names the lion, Numa and then kills it for threaten his chimp.

America has changed.