Oct 29, 2010


I thought some of you might be scrambling for a costume idea for this weekend so here are my kids and friends all dressed up.

Megan likes owls.
This is her interpretation of an owl Princess.
I think she nailed it.

She added some eyes but I think they make her look coo-coo for coco puffs.

Elaine adding Megan's wings.

Joel as David Beckham.

Here is an original idea for you.
Levi and Hope went as two boogers on a napkin.
I bet you have never thought of that one before.

Here are the Bryant's as the Flintstones.

Kristen as a biker chick and Mindy as a rapper Batgirl.

Mike as Osama Bin Laden.

We also had a deer hunter, eighties girl and a couple of nerds.

Oct 28, 2010

Mammoth Cave

Here is where you buy your ticket to go through the Mammoth hole in the ground.
It was $12 apiece for us to take the "History Tour".

The history tour starts out by marching down the hill to the caves natural entrance.

The first big room you get to is huge!
Flash cameras could not capture it. It is just to big.

Here is a fence they used to keep cows from getting lost in the cave.

Not really. It is hollowed out logs they used to bring water down in the cave to help with a salt peter mine that used to be in the cave.

This rock is called the giant coffin. Here is where I guide told us not to carve on the cave walls while we watched a guy carve on the cave wall and pose for pictures with it. Nice.

She also had all of the lights turned out and showed us the lanterns they used to use in the cave when the first tours were given.

She then blew it out to let us experience how dark the cave was.
This "darkness" lasted about a nanosecond before some man panicked, cried for his Mommy and turned on his flash light. Jerk.

We had another guy in our group that keep wander of and had to be cashed down by the park rangers. People are amazingly stupid.

Look at the giant coffin picture again and notice the people in our group going behind the rock.
This is where our tour continued.

Down we go deeper into the heart of the Earth.


the flash works better now that the cave passages are smaller.

You really had to watch your head.

Getting crazy short.

Now we are getting ready to go through Fatman's Misery and they also called it Tallman's agony.

Notice how small the area is for our legs and our heads.

The floor got taller and the ceiling got lower as we went.

I hope no one unplugs the lights.

This was our tour guide. I think there were 89 people in our group.

Levi was a little scared.

He kept hitting his head on the ceiling then he invented this clearance indicator.

Two hours later we made it to the opening again.

Resting outside the cave.

This is the natural entrance from my resting spot.
You can see the rail and people in the bottom left corner.

Back up to the car and the road to Indiana.

Oct 27, 2010


We decided to stay an extra night on this trip so we could tour Mammoth Cave on Monday.

We went and looked at the Wigwam Inn in Cave City, Kentucky.

This is a themed hotel from yesteryear.
I remember staying in these once when I was a kid.
I remember the room being small and that it smelled like soap.

You check in at a giant wigwam which also has a gift store.

The rooms are in a arch around a camp fires site which also has a playground in the center.
We went to a place where five people could sleep more comfortably.

Joel serenaded the other hotel guests.

The boys had some trouble with their sleeper sofa bed but it was a nice room.

If you look close you can see Megan's bed made up on the floor. She still has a Beauty and the Beast pillow case.

Reunion 2010

The day started out with some good preaching from Cousin Brett.

The chicken was excellent as well as the other meats.

The secret sauce! I had mine dipped and also took some extra sauce in a cup.

Elaine and my niece Delaney. Nice shirt Delaney!

Kids playing cards.

Pictures of the siblings.

A little music provided by Joel.

Me and my brother Brett.

Our families kept saying that they could tell us apart form behind.

Brett is normally bald but was sprouting hair this year which caused the confusion.

I saw him the other day and he was bald again. I figured he couldn't handle trying to keep up with my sense of style.

We also went and visited my Uncle Joe.