Oct 6, 2010

Sorry for the long intermission but sometimes life gets busy.
Now back to our long weekend.

We made it into T-ville and stayed at the local Inn.
We have stayed here the kids whole lives and they treat us well.
Which means they feed us well.

They lobby always has a cake, fried pies or our personal favorite - rumcake.

Sadly there was no rumcake this year. :(

Joel practiced his guitar while Megan continued to get ready.
We also like to visit Sonic. All the ones around us have closed but the one in T-ville is thriving.

The drinks on the nightstand did get spilled behind the nightstand.

Joel is in Megan's bed.
We double up the boys and take off the comforters and throw down a sleeping bag for Megan between the beds.

We also had a flip contest on the beds this year which all of us participated it.

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