Oct 30, 2008


This was the first year that I played baseball.

I remember ducking at every pitch thrown at me.
If I did make contact with the ball, the bat stung my hands and I would drop it.
I don't remember a single game.

I do remember some other things about my first attempt at a sport
but I will share them later with other pictures.

I think the above mentioned memories explain the pine time in this picture well.

Oct 29, 2008

Ready For Church

Now that Mom has a nice tan she is ready for church.

Look at that monkey on the swing.

Oct 28, 2008

Home Made!

Mom made this bikini.

I think we all had trunks to match it too.

Oct 27, 2008


I always enjoy a picture when my whitey tightyies are showing.

Oct 22, 2008

Who Can It Be?

I think we got this mask at the magic shop in the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World.

We had a lot fun with it in the car one the way home or we wore it to Florida and had fun with it both ways I'm not sure.

Help my memory brothers.

Where in the World? 2

Brett and Chad standing in front of some oars?
Looks like a painting of Daniel Boone or Davey Crockett is on the wall to the right.
Boonesbourgh maybe?

Oct 21, 2008


I remember the day when my brothers and I were exploring the new property that Mom and Dad had bought for us and we found the magic portal.

Brett and I were satisfied with throwing things in and watching them disappear but not Chad.

Chad dove right in.

I miss him.

When Mom Met Dad

Oct 20, 2008


When I first scanned this I thought "What am I singing about?".

Then I zoomed in trying to read the sign lying against the house and spotted it.

I'm not singing. Do you see it? What am I doing besides enjoying a sucker.

Cool Dudes

Brett and I being cool while we check the progress on our new house. 1974

Oct 16, 2008


Looks like a picnic in Brown County State Park.
A little KFC with cousin Shari

Oct 15, 2008

What? Where?

I don't recognize a soul in this one.

But it looks like a football party.

Any memories?

Fat Mans Misery

Mom syqing herself up to go through fat mans misery at Rock City.

Oct 13, 2008

Sawdust Scramble

Saw dust scramble at the bicentennial celebration in Trafalgar.

They hid coins in the saw dust said go and we killed each other looking for them.

At first I just saw Brett then I found me and I am pretty sure that is Chad's head.

Recognize anyone else?


Mom was inspired to update our picture together from a couple of days ago. Link

Oct 10, 2008


Grandpa Chet with his pipe.

I loved the smell of his pipe.


I don't know where this is but it looks like we are having fun.

I see Chad


Oh and there I am

Oct 9, 2008

The Adventure Begins

Looks like we were having some fun with the sand pile while they were building our house.

I don't remember this but I remember our trips down to see how construction was going.

Finding red wing blackbirds, exploring the creek and climbing all over the house.

Every time I drive through our old neighborhood it makes me want to call Mom and Dad and thank them for moving us to the country.

Thanks Mom and Dad.

Oct 7, 2008


When people see me today they say I look like my Dad.
I think my Mom and I look alike here.

I wondered how much I changed so I played around with with the picture a little.

Oct 3, 2008

Been Jaming

I apologize for the lack of posts lately but its been crazy busy for me.

I have been jammed and in high school I was Jamming. ( Nice segue!)

Notice some things in my room.

• Cheap Trick poster with autographs that I got by standing in a Karma records store in Greenwood and waiting for them all day

• A picture of Elaine and I's first "Date"

• Basketball lamp

• A picture of my band "Business District" (As you are looking at it I am on the far right)

• My guitar case complete with hat and bandannas

• Skinny rock and roll thin tie (pretied so I could just slip it on)

• letter, numeral and a couple of conference patches for track

• Albums, Vikings helmet bank, and harmonica on dresser

• Customized, SG knock off, checked guitar. YEAH!!!!!!