Mar 31, 2009

Spring Break

Levi and Joel on their first day of spring break decided to make a video.

Levi drives the Jeep on the motocross trails around the house while Joel does the camera work.



Here is Chad standing out in the crowd.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World 4

Hanging Gardens of Babylon (600 B.C.)

Mar 30, 2009

House 5

The future fireplace.

Mom sweeping in the garage which became the bigger family room.

Looking at the stairs from the garage.

I remember us kids jumping off here into the garage. Then running around the house to do it again. Just for the record our cousin Trina was to afraid to jump from here.

I guess we were not the first reside in the house. Looks like a Robins nest.

Getting closer to being done.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World 3


"The Lighthouse at Alexandria (250 B.C.)"

Mar 27, 2009


Mom and her gang known as the Riverside four.

This is the official police line up photo of the gang that was used in the wanted posters.
Mom was the ring leader and is the one dressed in black.

Or maybe this is Mom with her friends at Riverside Park.
Riverside park has not been there in years but was thriving when Mom was young.

Mom's Dad worked out there as a guard on the giant roller skating rink and this picture was taken there.

So she might have been in trouble for playing tag or skating in the wrong direction.

"The Colossus of Rhodes. (280 B.C.)"

Mar 26, 2009

Farmer Brian

This was my first attempt at farming.

I think the kit said "Raise chickens for fun and profit".
Well it didn't work out to well so I married a farmers daughter instead.

Much better.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World 1


"The Pyramids of Egypt
(2780 B.C.) "

This one doesn't wobble well but it looks pretty good in the Viewer though.
This is a pretty neat real with some amazing models.

I like the model reels the best and think they should pursue this idea now in the View Master line.
The reels now are not very good the 3D is pitiful and so is the subject matter.

Fisher-Price you need my input before the line dies! E-mail me.

Mar 25, 2009

Kentucky Road

My brothers and I walking down a road some where in Thompkinsville, Kentucky.

Not sure where we were or where we are going but it looks like its a nice day.

This is the trip we made to Kentucky and Dad took us all around his old stomping grounds.

I posted the Lemonade spring before HERE and HERE.

We are wearing the same coats from the slides in our Grandpa's barn too. HERE

Brett is throwing something, big surprise, and I have a camera.

I think the camera is the Pentax Spotmatic. I was on the yearbook staff then as a photographer and that was a nice camera.

I enjoyed yearbook/photography. Especially the darkroom work. Enlarging and developing film is what made me go into printing for a living. Just the other day I tried to get Elaine in a dark room to see what would develop. (Sorry that is an old photography joke)

Funny, film is now obsolete in printing. Time changes fast.

Grandpa and Grandma Butler dated in a horse and buggy but before they died men had walked on the Moon.

They saw change I just don't have to buy film or flash bulbs.

I just pull out my phone/camera/video camera/calendar/alarm clock/MP3 Player/texting/E-mail/web surfing/GPS/navigation/calculator device and snap a picture as time flies by.



"Foster pulled the lunar module alongside the B142."

Mar 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Joel

Joel turns fifteen today.

This past weekend we put a new jump on our track that runs around our yard and then we shot a video of Joel enjoying his last days of being fourteen.

Oh, the day after we shot this video he smacked a tree on his bike and has a nice big scrape down his thigh.

Ask him, he will show you.

Use Your Face

I am guessing Brett is the passer in this slide and Chad is trying to control the ball after its has bounced off his face.

I went out for a pass or two when I was on the football team.
I caught them when it counted during the game but not that many were thrown to me.

I was the option called from the line if the quarterback saw a hole open or if no one else was open.

In practice I had earn the nickname "Board Hands Butler".
They said watching me was like watching someone try to catch a ball with two two by fours.
Friends are great.

Maybe I should have used my fingers more like Chad is in this catch.


That is Dad in the background grooming one of his trees that now hide the house from the road.



"Straker gave instructions to the lunar module."

Mar 19, 2009


First day of spring so I thought I would post some pictures of warmer times.

Chad and Niki in the Butler pool.

They are on the back porch and that's the trampoline in the yard. This porch is enclosed now.

It was fun on hot days to squirt the trampoline with water and then jump on it.

The water would stay in place as the trampoline would go down and as you came back up the cool water would smack you in the face.

Or you could just get in the pool with Chad and he would splash the water in your face.

Dinning Room

Here we are in the dinning room/kitchen area of the house.

Mom is messing with something while Niki, Chad and I look on.

The real fabric quilt wall is gone but I wonder if Mom still has the frog clock?

Super Hero Museum 13

This is not the actual Batmoblie from the movie but a replica of it.

I think the owner said that it was built on a Corvette frame and was street legal.

Even the cowling slid forward.

It shot fire out the back too.

The owner said the fire marshal made him remove all flammable liquids and igniter in order to display it.

The shields function worked to fast for me to catch it on camera. Sorry.



"The B142 orbited around the Moon."

Mar 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

Wow! Was this picture really taken thirty one years ago?
I remember this birthday vividly.

I think Moms sister Carol made her this lovely cake. Picture of Aunt Carol HERE

The cake has real chocolate icing but the rest was sponge cake, no foam cake.
Well it was made of foam like in a foam seat cushion and when Mom tried to cut it it would not cut. It just smashed down and sprang back up.

This was met with shouts of "Are you to old to cut a cake?" and "Need help?"

Mom was a good sport and we all had fun eating the icing off the foam.

Love you Mom and happy birthday.

You can see the many faces of my Mother that I have posted previously HERE.

Mar 17, 2009


My brother Chad and his band from the eighth grade called "Excalibur".

I think this was their album cover.

"Paul Foster, Moonbase Comdr, met Straker and Gay Ellis."

Happy Birthday Chad

Chad and a knock off Greedo celebrate his 8th birthday.

Happy birthday Chad you little leprechaun.

Mar 16, 2009

House 4

It took me a while to figure out where in the house Mom is in this construction picture.

She is in the living room and the hole in the wall is where the fireplace will go.

The tub in the "boys" bathroom upstairs.

Dry wall stacked in Chads room on the second floor of the house.



"Lunar module arrived at Moonbase operation."

Mar 13, 2009

Bat Collection 2

My lovely wife told me I needed to add a shelf in my Batroom to display more of my Bat-goodies.

I wanted to display more of my action figures but they tend to fall off the shelf and Scooby, the dog, is tempted to chew on them.

This is not acceptable.

I decided to make each action figure a base to help keep him from falling off the shelf.

I used Sculpey to make the bases. Sculpey is a Play-doh type clay but once you put it in the oven it hardens.

I placed each figures feet into the Sculpey and made recesses to hold their feet.

I had to keep them in order or I would be up all night trying to find which figure went with which stand.

So after baking them in the oven for 15 minutes and according to Elaine "Filling the house with noxious fumes." They were done.

Here the many faces of Batman are able to stand without toppling over even while bread is being thrown on the table. (See background)

Taking their place on the shelf.

There that is better.

43 and I still have a toy room. Yeah Me!!!

Spring Mill

Chad petting a dog while we were on a trip to Spring Mill.



"Straker looked at the model. His career was at stake."

I found the shows opening sequence on Youtube.

1980 was the future. Fishnet shirts? Sadly I had one. Purple hair? A little bit in 1980 but more prevalent today.

Super Hero Museum 12

Christian Bales shirt, tie and other props from Batman Begins.

This is a shirt and tie that George Reeves wore in the TV Superman series.