Jul 31, 2008


Opryland was visited by the Butler's in 1973.

I didn't think that the park lasted much longer than a couple of years but to my surprise it did.

It opened in 1972 and stayed open until 1997!

Mr. Guitar with Mr. Banjo and Mrs. fiddle to the right.

They must have been very popular because we had to fight the crowd to get near them.

Finally Chad and I make a break to see Mrs. fiddle.

We waited patiently for the crowd to thin so Dad could get a clean picture of us with her.

Just as the crowd parts for the perfect photo op, Dad is distracted by the balloon girl.

Mom busts Dad and gives him the hairy eyeball and asks "What are you doing?".

Sadly all little Chad is left with is his corncob pipe and a disappointed look.

Jul 28, 2008

Calico Frog

Mom in her store the Calico Frog. Which was a store she owned in Nashville Indiana.

A view of the inside.

I Googled "Calico Frog" to see if anything would come up and to my surprise it did.

Seems there is a store in Middlebury, Indiana called Calico Frog. Sounds like it is a scrap booking store and no way near as cool as Mom's store.

Jul 25, 2008


What a combination!

The mailbox, the yard with tiny trees and double bubble shirts.

The mailbox was yesterdays feature and this picture has been posted before but Brett's wife Tracy just can't get enough of the Double Bubble. (I have found more!)

Anyway Mom commented yesterday on the yard and the damage Dad's trees have suffered due to recent storms.

They have also been dying because of some mold, fungus or something. My youngest son Joel says "If you talk about Papaw's trees dying you have to remember to take off your hat." Dad does revere his trees.

Most of the trees came in the mail and we spent many a Saturday digging holes and planting them.

Did I ever tell you that I have jumped over all of these trees? (This is just for my kids.)

So here are some pictures just behind the mailbox. You can see the big difference in the yard. We are cleaning up some of the downed limbs for Dad.

Brett trying to break another chainsaw while I supervise. This is my job because I am the oldest.

I am inspecting closely the work that Brett is doing.

Photos of people picking up sticks is not something you see often. I now know why. It is quiet flattering.

You can see Brett's daughter, Paige, in the background.

Mom and Dad also thank Elaine, Megan, Levi, Hope (Levi's girlfriend), Joel, and Blake for helping that night but aren't in these pics. (Send them and I will post them.)

Jul 24, 2008


The Family mailbox.

Mom painted a raccoon for every family member.
Dad, Mom, Brian, Brett and Chad

I like how Mom made Chads Raccoon Drool.

Jul 22, 2008


Sorry for the lack of post of late but the whole family went to camp last week.

We had a great time with some good kids.

Jul 11, 2008

Summer Fun

Brett and Chad under a basketball goal post where Dad's pole barn now stands.
The green station wagon and Datsun B210 are in the background as well as a treeless yard.
Chad never fails to disappoint- nice face and fine Buster Brown shoes.

Swinging in the side yard.
We never flipped it but I remember coming close.
As long as we employed perfect synchronizity we could swing as high as we wanted, as Brett and Chad are demonstrating here.
Again zero trees and great shoes.

This is Steve on the Monkey swing at 1451 Lexington
(I always have to say it because it rhymes).

This was a great swing. We would jump out of the tree on to it and have a blast.
I never remember grass being on the ground under that swing.
We have some home movies of us swinging on this great swing, maybe I will find them this winter a post them.

Jul 3, 2008

BatBlog Birthday

What a thrill!

My Batman birthday pictures from 1989 were posted on the famous Batblog.

He had this to say about Elaine "OK, when a woman is pregnant & makes you a Batman cake by hand, then creates a costume & dresses like Batgirl, she's a "keeper", ha ha! "

I agree.

Happy birthday to me!

Click here to read the full post. BATBLOG

Birthday Party!

Smile. It's your birthday.

Gathered around the Super Kid cake. I think Chad and Brett are digging the cake too.
Left to right. Me, Steve, Brett, Shari, Ronda, Chad and Thing.

Outside for lunch. Sondra Ronda and Shari with us brothers.
Steve must have been to cool to eat with us

Inside for cake.
Looks like a got a Batman toy!

A close up of the box and a cardboard Batmobile is behind it.

Surrounded by Gothamites.

Pretending that I am in Wayne manor.

Sharing my toy with others.

Jul 1, 2008


Do you think I liked this cake? Could I smile any bigger? Thanks Mom.

This looked like a fun party. I plan to put more pictures of it up tomorrow because today we are focusing on the cakes!

Mom looks as excited as I did in the first picture.

1983, Lionel Richie concert shirt and the checkered shoes (I am wearing a pair as I type) and the cutest girl in the world by my side. I love you Elaine!!

1984, Hawaiian shirt (Just recently retired) and a cool haircut. Nice Hagar the Horrible cake too.

A Little Debbie cake for my 21st birthday. What is such a cute girl doing with the dork wearing a Jim Varney button? Or should I say "What do ya mean Vern?"

1989, Micheal Keaton's Batman came out and so did Batwoman!

We were expecting Megan that fall and my wife made me a cool cake.

I am wearing Patrick Star's shorts from Sponge Bob Square Pants. I was years ahead of my time.

An over the hill cake for my 30th birthday. I still see some Batman stuff around and little Megan is in front of me.

I also noticed my cool Planet of the Apes watch from Taco Bell that I am sporting.

Man I wish I had a reason to get another cool cake and more dork attire.

Any suggestions?


Hmmm? Who could this cake be for?