Nov 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Hang on to your hat!
This will be a whirl wind trip of our Thanksgiving weekend.

Megan and Elaine prepare our diner.

They cook while we snack on the goodies on the table.
Levi is looking at our favorite book about thanksgiving which tells about the Pilgrims journey to America.
I don't remember the name of it right now.

The boys went deer hunting that morning and then picked up Hope.

Scooby is waiting for one of us to be sympathetic and throw him something to eat.

The girls were doing MacGyver cooking since our stove is out.
So Megan made brown and serve rolls in the toaster oven.

Elaine made the turkey in the crock pot! It was delicious!

My family getting ready for prayer.

My family always smile when we pray.

Friday we went to Elaine's parents for Thanksgiving but I forgot the camera.
So just imagine food, fun and family here.

I remembered the camera Saturday when we went to my parents house.

Dad loads up a plate full along with Joel and Kye.

Most of the gang chowing down.

Each of us told what we were thankful for and lingered at the table swapping stories.

Brett's son, Kye, brought The Beatles Rock Band to play.

The gang rocking out.

Two part harmonies.

Levi, Hope and Joel getting down.

Even Elaine grabbed a mike.
Brett's family was kind enough to let us play a lot that night but they all still sang along.

While some rocked out others played Sequence.

That's cousin Sherri on the left. (See is in the rear-view mirror with us)

While playing the game I noticed Monroe over in the corner.

I took a moment to pose with this very photogenic deer.

Mom says we have the same smile.

This reminded me to ask to see our pet bird Budgie.

So like any normal family would we went in to the kitchen while Mom got Budgie out of the freezer.

Budgie died during the blizzard of 78 and has remained in the freezer ever since.

Good bird!

Mom got the salt and pepper shakers out for her biannual cooking event.
Seen before HERE

Brett's wife, Tracy, decided it was time to Rock and roll on out.

The cousins club posed for a picture before departing.

So did me and my little brothers.

A pose with the parents.

I hope you all had as nice a Thanksgiving as I did.

Nov 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

The food spread in 1979!
My Grandma on the left followed by my Mom's sister Carol.
Grandpa is at the head of the table and Aunt Loraine is on the right.

I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving and for all you kids who aren't allowed to sit at the grownups table I hope you have a fun cousin to entertain you.

Like my cousin Dee Dee!
I noticed a toy laying on the hearth guarded by a rabbit.

A Fisher Price movie!

You can see other posts about this great toy HERE and HERE.

Nov 24, 2009

Grandma White's 1978

Just a few more days until turkey day.
This is my Mom's side of the family at Grandma White's house and I can't tell but it looks like Grandpa Chet is getting ready to pulling the table cloth out from under the dishes.
What a riot!

Nov 20, 2009

Time To Start Setting Up

It is time to clean out the garage and set up for Thanksgiving.
Grandma White oversees the food on the table before calling everyone else to come sit down.
I can almost taste her deviled eggs now!

My brother Brett is on the left with Chad back by Grandma.
I am in the center with my cousin Bret wearing his Long John silvers hat.

I love these pictures that are jammed full of life in the past.
What else is in this picture?

The family portrait.
Dad, Mom, Me and Brett in the picture and the addition of Chad tucked in the frame on the side.

Talk about the 70's!
Look how Mom has the draw pulls decorated. Sunflowers!
I think this was in Brett's room.

Beside the flower dresser I see Dads screen.
This is what we used until Al Gore invented the internet to look at our slides.
I see his tripod leaning next to the screen.

The meat grinder.
I think this processed Monroe for us.
A nice glass piece.
Mom had three boys and I dare you to count all the glass sitting around in this picture.
I think she bought it so we would break it and then she would have an excuse to whip us.

Looks like my cousin Bret brought a spare pirate hat in case his was damaged during the day.

We called this the "Jolly Green Giant's toilet paper roll".
Dad was a printer and this was an end roll off a web press.
When we wanted to draw we just yanked on it and took as big a piece as we liked.

This trouble light was also used for a tanning bed.
We would replace the bulb with a tanning bulb and lay in a chair under it.
The trusty binoculars hang here as well.

We Butlers are a rough bunch.
So make sure you grab a Pepsi and not the gas can when getting your beverage.

Looks like a mini Louisville slugger bat is in the white bucket.

The trip to the past is over now so go about life in the present now.

Nov 18, 2009

Carousel of Progress

Dad snapped this picture on the Carousel of Progress ride at Disney world, 1978.

I really liked this ride which shows a family progress with the benefits of electricity and appliances. Sponsored by G.E..

I liked the robots and the way the audience moved around the stage.

If you have never been on this ride you can watch the whole ride on Youtube. HERE

Nov 17, 2009


Looks like we were out enjoy nature again.
1973 and nature looks wonderful.

Chad is totally amazed.

Looks like Brett is bent over to get a new rock to throw.

I have a rock and am ready to let it fly.
Just look at the determination on my face.

I am pretty sure that this is my cousin Karen sitting next to me.
I wonder where this was?

Nov 16, 2009

Where Did The Time Go?

Well my little girl turned twenty this weekend.
No longer a teenager.
She is just like me though in that she will never totally grow up.
I think I am Batman and expect a toy for birthdays and Christmas.
Megan knows she is a Princess and expects a toy for birthdays and Christmas.

She one ups me though.
She always wears a crown all day on her birthday.
After all she is a Princess.

Hmm? I really do did a cowl.

She is happy to get a toy, the Little Mermaid and her sisters, play set.

Her little cousin is happy she got a toy too.

The cousins decided to fight for it.
I don't know what my Son Levi is doing.

Megan and the girls play a bit.

Happy birthday Megan!!!

Nov 13, 2009


I hope Dad will fill us in on this one in the comments.

It is a sidewalk at my Grandparents house in Kentucky.
I know it is at there house because I can see the fence made out of geodes in the background.
Also it has my Grandpas name written in the cement.

Did he do it?

The slide is dated 1979.
What were we doing there then?
Is then when you took us to the lemonade spring and we looked through the barn?

Nov 12, 2009

House Sitting in 1974

It was always a big deal to get on the roof with Dad.
This looks like this must be the first time we ever did it because the house still looks like it is under construction.

Aren't we cool?

I love Brett's army shirt and I would still wear the Yosemite Sam shirt if I had it and it fit.
I would pass on the yellow socks though.