Jan 16, 2008


Here we are sharing some fun and our toys with the cousins.
DeeDee, and I think it is Dave, are playing with a dancing man we had, while Sondra plays with our Fisher Price movie viewer.

Bret is wearing his Long John Silvers hat and I think Sherri is having a blast.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes perfecting my dancing skills at an early age. Who knew I would go on to be an award winning disco dancer in the 6th grade :)

Cuzin Dave

Brian said...

Good to hear from you Dave.

Didn't you or one of your brothers hold a record on Pac-man too?

Oh and one of you held a speed record for solving the Rubik's cube?

Couldn't one of you solve it (Rubik's cube) with your feet?

Cuzin Dave said...

That would be douglas very talented with his feet and commanding nuclear subs too!!!

Denise said...

You guys had all the cool toys...what's up with that? Just came across this link and finally getting to see some of these pics...Can't wait to show the kids-they will love it-I don't know if they can remember ever seeing pics of me and their uncles when we were little...thanks!