Jan 31, 2008


I am pretty sure this is from Dad's hunting trip in Michigan.

I don't remember to much from that trip which is surprising for a vacation.

The only clear memory I have of it is playing bumper pool in the recreation room.

I do not remember taking these pictures at all but it looks like we were having fun playing with Mr. Green Jeans.


Emmalea said...

Dad said he never went hunting in Michigan. We did take a trip there when you guys were younger (than you are in this photo) We went to the Fred Bear Museum. Maybe with all the stuffed game animals you thought it was a hunting trip. We also visited a small zoo in Traverse City, Michigan at that time. I remember the deer in the zoo were in velvet-and quite irritable if you touched their antlers. It was the first opportunity Dad had to educate me on the antler growing process. I think most of the trip to Michigan was recorded on movie film.

If you check the photo of you guys having fun on the playground equipment against your post on Jan.10th, you will notice the same identical clothing. The photo was another one taken at Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky. You were right though, Dad was hunting on the trip - and the pool table was in the lodge we stayed in. Dad was gone all day so we were able to explore every inch of that place. Do you guys remember walking along the lake? The water level was down so we found lots of snail shells, interesting driftwood --- and mud.

Emmalea said...

Oh, I did notice the "scary" shadow you added to the lower right hand corner. You are too funny.

Dad was glad you remembered the work ethics he tried to instill. Now everyone should understand why you guys were so skinny in your youthful photos. Obviously food was not all that important to you guys. You would rather play that eat back then. ~Mom

brett said...

It was defintely on the Land between the Lakes trip. I remember driving around the night before Dad ws going to hunt and seeing a big buck and Dad saying he knew where he was going in the morning. I also remember the bumper pool and the live band that played in the evening. I think we even got their autographs at the end of the set. I didn't even notice the shadow at first glance. Does Jim know what you're doing at work?

Brian said...

I am doing more than you think!

Look in the windows.

Emmalea said...

I had seen the thing in the window between Brett and Chad - but decided it was a "hickey" -- I should have known better. Missed the face in the window to the right. What is this new game...Where's Weirdo? hehehe