Jan 10, 2008



Emmalea said...

Dad and I agreed on the location this photo was taken. It was at Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky in 1977. Dad went to go deer hunting but the 3 boys and I got to go too. We hung out at the resort lodge and surrounding grounds and waited for him to bring in the Big One. I have to admit-although we really wanted that big buck, I was also concerned about who would ride home on top of the station wagon. I feared it would be me since you would have all been enthralled with the deer. Alas - it was concern that wasn't necessary. I do remember that we all had a great time. I loved hanging out with my boys-and back then-they liked sharing time with me too. Ahhh-memories....Mom

Tracy said...

This may be the first documented moment of Chad's cheerleading future. You all look cute and happy.