Jan 15, 2008

Pool Shark

Shooting a little pool in the dining room on Lexington Ave.

Brett must play better in his jamies.


brett said...

What happened to the pool table? I don't think it made the move, did it?

Emmalea said...

Sadly, we probably sold it in a garage sale getting ready for the big move. I do remember thinking with our 5 acres for our home that you boys would just stay outside forever, and wouldn't need many toys because you would have the great outdoors for entertainment. We bought the swingset and moved it a distance from the house to allow you to become adventuresome. I was surprised when - for at aleast the first summer - you all were afraid to play on it alone. I had to be there with you to "see" you play. It was like you were imprinted with the size of your "cage" (the yard in Indy) and a shock collar went off if you ventured further than 50 feet. I did love that the 3 of you stuck so close together. At least you did get over it and the canoe tree and creek gave you a lot of inventive play time the following years. But then, I became concerned because I couldn't see you. That is when the "Bell" came in to use. You were to immediately answer when you heard it. It worked well to calm my nervousness for my great outdoorsmen. Then the trampoline brought you back closer to the house to play. (Guess I've always been hard to please.~Mom