Nov 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Uncle Kenneth

My Uncle Kenneth Francis with Chad 1974.

I can't decide where this is? Is it our house on Lexington?

I know I recognize the bench to the right but I don't recognize the furniture in the room behind them.

Wilma Learns To Drive 3

"Watch where you're goin', you road hog!"

Nov 25, 2008

Tree House

Brett in our tree house in Indianapolis.

You might not think that it looks like much from the outside but when we were inside it transformed into the Batcave, the Lone Ranger and Tonto's hide out or Tarzan's tree house.

Fun times with brothers.

A view from inside the tree house.

Wilma Learns To Drive 2

"You don't need that - ol' Freddy'l teach you."

Nov 24, 2008

On The Trian

I think the is the train at Guntown mountain in Cave city Kentucky.

I wondered why Chad had that look on his face.

Then I figured maybe he thought Mom and Dad didn't want to be seen with us.

I mean the train is to crowded for them to sit right behind us.

Wilma Learns To Drive 1

"There's nothing to it, Wilma. C'mon, I'll show you."

Nov 20, 2008

House 2

The materials were delivered and the foundation is laid.

No trees. No pond. So different than today.

House 1

The build site that would become our home.

Fred's Mis-Steak 7

"Oh Fre-ed, here's your steak." "Sorry Barney, my mis-steak."

Here is a close up of Betty, Wilma and Dino.

Don't give Barney a hard time.
When you only have four fingers your second finger is your pointing finger.

Instead of thinking bad look at the skill in matching these characters to their drawings.
Excellent work.


This is Mom and Dad's song.

Pete Drake's "Forever".

Nov 19, 2008

On a wagon somewhere.
I don't know where we are for sure but my guess is Kentucky.
I remember taking pictures on that trip and I noticed that Sherri has her camera on.
Man hers was fancy, it has a spot for a flash bulb built right into the front of the camera.
Can anyone make out what her shirt says?

Fred's Mis-Steak 6

"Dino, you found Fred's steak! I'd better find Fred."

Nov 18, 2008

Calico Frog

The Torch Light Village.
This was the first home for Mom's store the "Calico Frog".

This shopping center is still active in Nashville.
Me reading the sign for the store "The Stuffed Olive".

Brett practicing his balance beam routine.

I don't know if we ever walked on the side walk there.


Here is "Fred's Mis-Steak" # 5.
"Leggo! that's my steak, Fred" Barney protested.

I ran out of free bandwidth until next month so I can't animate these right now unless someone wants to send me $40.

I found this cool scan of Tinkerbell and Captain Hook. Here

I also found a lot of other interesting things out on the web concerning View Master reels.

The View Master was born in Portland and they recently had a show there with some of their old models on displayed.

I also heard the Fisher Price has some models on display at their offices but I haven't found any pictures of them yet.

A nice one of Tigger.

This next one has some figures from Cinderella, Pebbles and Bam Bam and Fred's work Brontosaur from one of the reels I scanned.

Here is the artist behind many of these great pieces of art,
Florence Thomas.

More info HERE

Look at the detail. This looks like this scene is from the movie "The Sword in the Stone".

Here is her assistant, Joe Liptak working on Peter Pan.

Setting up a scene for the Robin Hood reels.
I hope to get my hands on these.

Shooting a little boat on a mirror.

If anyone in my family drew my name for Christmas here is an item you can find on Ebay that I would love to find under the tree.
I think I wore my original ones out.

Nov 14, 2008

Boys 1975

Us being cool in 1975.

Brett and I are ready for a football game to break out at any minute because not only do we have jerseys on but we are also wearing our cleats.

I am not sure what Chad is doing with is finger.

Fred's Mis-Steak 4

Fred's Mis-Steak

"Hold on there that's my steak. Old buddy," Fred shouted.

The artist did a great job on all the Flintstones but the Rubbles moved to much so here is a better view of them.
I hope to post more about the artist that created these in a future post.

Nov 13, 2008

Chad and a Cat

Chad at Uncle Georges.

Fred's Mis-Steak 3

Fred's Mis-Steak

"All right, Fred," Wilma demanded. "Where's the steak?"

Nov 12, 2008


Chad looking a bit slimy.

Fred's Mis-Steak 2


"Tell me, lady, is this a good brontosaurus steak?"


These are some crafts that Mom was making in 1973.
The ice cream is made with paraffin wax and looked edible.

I remember the mice in the stockings being on our tree for quite a while.

Puppets and decoupage.

Nov 11, 2008

Front Porch

On the front porch at 1451 Lexington.
I am playing cards with Steve and Sherri is watching.

Rhonda peers into the camera and Steve looks happy in the background.
Maybe we are playing Old Maid.

Game must be heating up.
Normally we played in the back yard so it must have been sprinkling.
We were not allowed off the porch.
I see Chad and Brett joined the fun.

Wow, must have been an exciting ending to the game or they are all yelling that I am an Old Maid.