Nov 5, 2008

View Master

Flinstones, view master reels

One thing that cheers me up is when I find something that I really enjoyed as a kid.

I enjoyed most things as a kid but one thing I really loved was our View Master viewer and I still love all things 3D.

I saw one of my favorite View Master reels on Ebay the other day so I bid on it and I actually won the auction.

I wanted to post them here for others to enjoy.

This was the one I remembered looking at the most titled "Fred's Invention" 1962.

The caption is "I'll get to work on time using my new invention."

I made them animate because just looking at them flat lost one of the things I loved most about them, dimension. Since I don't have an online viewer this is what I came up with, animation.

Check back for more as I get them done.

Hey! I got posted on Drawn! Cool, cool, cool. Click here to see it.


Holmes! said...

Very cool!

You can also make stereoscopic images out of these, which can be "free viewed" to be seen in true 3D! Just put the left/right images next to each other, back off your monitor a little and relax your eyes like you were looking at one of those "magic eye" posters at the mall, back in '89.

I created one from the image on Drawn and posted it to my site, so you can dig it. I'd love to see more Viewmaster scans in their stereoscopic glory!

Brian said...

Thanks for the comment.

I can do the magic eye 3d but I have trouble viewing "free viewed".

Thanks for the link and check back as I get the other two disks scanned.

"Wilma learns to drive" and "Fred's Mis-steak"

Anonymous said...

Cool! I used to have that Flintstones picture disc when I was a kid. I wonder if the old can of discs is still in the attic, we had probably a hundred or so.

I couldn't use the stereoscopic "mode" at first because my head was too small and the eye holes were too far apart. I remember distinctly when i could finally see the 3d effect and how much cooler it was!

Bob said...

Wow, Brian!

That looks soooo amazing! How did you do that? Incredible. I got your email and came over to see some Flintstone goodness! Please post more!

(If it's not too time consuming. I know it was for me).

Great post! Thanks!


Bob said...

Oh, you did post more! I must have missed these!



Francesca Sloane @ Image 3D said...

I have to agree that it's always cool when you chance upon a vintage find, especially for something like the View-Master. At the risk of sounding like a nerd, I have 4 of them with hundreds of reels. From classic cartoons to comics, and even personal reels, I have it all!