Nov 14, 2008

Boys 1975

Us being cool in 1975.

Brett and I are ready for a football game to break out at any minute because not only do we have jerseys on but we are also wearing our cleats.

I am not sure what Chad is doing with is finger.


Emmalea said...

When Brian started playing football in bantam league, his number was 88. I loved that because he was the same upside down as right side up. Even in a pile-up I could tell where he was. Seems odd to me that Brett is wearing 88 in this photo. I think 12 was his jersey number at one time -- maybe in college - but then again, maybe that was in hs basketball. Help me out here Brett. Wasn't your QB number in hs 19? ~ Mom

Brian said...

I am wearing Joe Nameths jersey.

Tracy said...

Brett's been busy hunting and dealing with the near death of our furnace, so I'll go ahead and answer. His number in high school was 19. When he went to college someone else had already staked their claim (Selby?). Brett had to choose a new jersey number and it was 12.

Brian said...

Thanks for the answer.

I thought Brett was dissing us.

Does he still wear that jersey to bed at night?