Jan 29, 2009

Snow Pose 4

Mom looking nice in the snow.


I wonder which one of these girls is Mom?

This slide is in poor shape because I found it laying on the ground in the enclosed back porch.

The sun is powerful.

Batman: The Purr-fect Crime 11

Batman: The Perr-fect Crime 11

With his amazing Batcups, he climbed the wall and escaped!

Bat Collection

I was asked the other day "What is my most prized piece in my Batman collection?".

Easy answer.

It is found on this shelf in what we call the Batroom in our home.

You would never guess it. It's only valuable to my wife and I.

It isn't even a Batman, it's a Robin.


I'm always Batman. When my brothers and I played and when my kids and I play, I'm Batman.

The kids at my childrens school and at church camp, call me Batman.

Levi, my oldest son, knew this and he claimed the sidekick role early in life as Robin.

He had an action figure from the cartoon "Batman: The Animated Series" in the 90"s and he wore it out.

Bear was his pal when it was time for bed and quiet times but the rest of the time Robin was in his hand.Yeah its worn out and that is why I love it. Because it was loved by someone I love.

Take all the rest but leave me this one.


I took the day off yesterday to play in the snow. (Meaning dig out the cars)

The cars in the drive were covered, we got about 11 inches of snow, a top ten snow for the state.

We live on top of a hill with a nice long driveway so only the four wheel drives would make it out.

To much snow to shovel so we used some redneck ingenuity.

We built a wedge out of a skid and pulled it behind the Jeep.

Joel and I were the weight on the plow while Levi drove. (Joel and his fancy no hand attempt)

We kept the hatch open to communicate with Levi.

Around the bend and down the steeper part of the drive way. Levi lost us on the first trip down.

Works pretty good and its fun to be drug behind a Jeep with your 18 year old driving

A video of the plow in action.

Jan 27, 2009

Warmer Times

Since my snow picture brought snow to my home state I thought I would post a picture of a warmer time today.

This is from 1978 too but in the summer.

When I grabbed this slide to scan I thought it would be one of us going off the diving board.

It's some girl. Dad?

I would like to point out to my wife that I am in the water with my back to the camera adjusting my goggles.

Brett and Chad are nearby and they are watching the girl, along with Dad.

Cave City, Kentucky near Mammoth cave is my guess for the hotel and pool.

Batman: The Purr-fect Crime 10

Batman: The Purr-fect Crime 10

"... behind the other is a tiger!" Batman chose wrong!

Jan 26, 2009

Snow Drifts

Snow drifts from the blizzard of 78.

That's the Datsun B210 that was passed down to me when I got in to high school.

Batman: The Purr-fect Crime 9

Batman: The Purr-fect Crime

"Choose a door, Batman."she said. "I'm behind one...

Jan 23, 2009

Batman: The Purr-fect Crime 8

Batman: The Puff-fect Crime 8

Lured to the Catwoman's lair, they were trapped between spikes!

When I think back about these slides there were about three images that I really remembered and this was one of them. We haven't gotten to the other two yet.

When looking at this picture I could feel myself trying to help push the walls apart for Batman.

Jan 22, 2009

Snowman and Chad

Chad next to the snow Santa that Mom made in 73.

The pictures in the animation yesterday were taken at the same time.

I have to point out Chads gloves yet again.

You can click on the labels below to see more of this snowman or Chad.

Batman: The Purr-fect Crime 7

Batman: The Purr-fect Crime 7

He Revived Robin and they leaped into the Batmobile.

I remember being mesmerized by the fancy Batcomputer in the back ground. Thinking how rich Bruce wayne was to have a computer at home!

I would wonder how did they change their clothes while sliding on a pole?

How could a phone work while in a car?

What signal did the antenna on the hood pick up?

And always imagining me jumping over the side and riding in the Batmobile.

No VCR's, no Tevo. View Master reels were our DVD's so we could see our favorite shows again and agian.

Stay tuned Batfans for disk 2!!!!

Jan 21, 2009

Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight

Mom had asked if could animate some of our slides.

I don't know how to do it yet with only one image. The view masters pictures are taken at the same time but an eyeball width apart, making the pictures stereo.

I did find this one from a snowball fight between Mom and Chad 1973.

The picture was taken from almost the exact same spot and proves that Chad is kid Flash!

See how he hits her from behind with a snowball and while she only flails her arms he is instantly in front of her.

Watch the car appear in the middle of the street.

Batman: The Purr-fect Crime 6

Batman: the Purr-fect Crime 6

Batman fought her henchmen- Crunch! Thwack!

Jan 20, 2009


Common. Be as brave as Batman and not as scared as Robin, leave a comment once in a while.

Sledding Hill

Seems my last post on sledding started a lively debate between Mom and Dad.

Mom left this comment.

"OK - dad and I are not in agreement on where this sled run was. If I tell you where he says - you will agree with him just to make me wrong (you men gang up on me!) SO - you guys tell us where it is -- the most votes wins. Rule #1 - No personal contact to Dad on the hill issue. #2 - contest ends 1/30."

So this is pretty much limited to my brothers, a few friends and neighbors.

Here are a few pictures of the same place.

I know exactly where it is but I want to see what others say before I do.


Batman: The Purr-fect Crime 5

Batman" The Purrfect Crime 5

She poisoned Robin with a cat scratch and took the treasure.

Jan 19, 2009


Sledding during the blizzard of 78.

We went sledding every day for at least 2 weeks while we were out of school that winter.

Our favorite sleds were a pair of aluminum saucer sleds that we got for Christmas that year.
We literally wore them out.

One of the best things about them was that they would endure stunt sledding.

We would dare each other to go down treacherous hills, jump creeks, jump incredible ramps, and used them as shields.

With this enhanced slide below you can see where we actually landed on this particular jump.

Batman: The Purr-fect Crime 4

Batman: The Purr-fect Crime 4

That night in the exhibit hall, they sprayed the other golden cat.

Jan 16, 2009

Snow Pose 3

Brett and I stopping for a picture on the top our Uncle Georges sledding hill. 1972

Jan 15, 2009

Batman: The Purr-fect Crime 3

Batman: The Purr-fect Crime

"This Radioactive spray, Alfred will help us track Catwoman!"

Snow Pose 2

1979 and Mom is out in the snow again.

Same hat but a new coat and a scarf left over from the bicentennial.

Jan 14, 2009

Batman: The Purr-fect Crime 2

Batman: "The Purr-fect Crime"

"I'll get the other golden cat and get rid of Batman too!"

Did you notice that Catwoman has a Catphone?