Jan 20, 2009

Sledding Hill

Seems my last post on sledding started a lively debate between Mom and Dad.

Mom left this comment.

"OK - dad and I are not in agreement on where this sled run was. If I tell you where he says - you will agree with him just to make me wrong (you men gang up on me!) SO - you guys tell us where it is -- the most votes wins. Rule #1 - No personal contact to Dad on the hill issue. #2 - contest ends 1/30."

So this is pretty much limited to my brothers, a few friends and neighbors.

Here are a few pictures of the same place.

I know exactly where it is but I want to see what others say before I do.

1 comment:

Brett said...

Even before this additional pictures, I knew where this run was...over by the junk pile on Clark's property. There is a grass road from the creek to the upper field that the ramp is on. We also use to sled just South of here next to an old barn that someone made a bridge across the creek at one point. That hill was very steep.