Mar 28, 2008


Looks like we are hiking on a trail some where but I couldn't tell ya where.

The main thing I notice in this picture (after seeing how cute little Niki is) is that Brett has passed me in height.

I don't remember when it happened but happen it did.

Mar 26, 2008

Riding A Horse

I remember this day.

We were camping in Brown County State park and we had a blast bouncing on this tree.

In our mind we were riding a mighty horse.

Good times.

Mar 25, 2008

On the Front Porch

My kids are on spring break and it is supposed to be warm but it sleeted and snowed a little today.

Here is Mom looking young on the front porch swing in Indy.

This is how spring break should be, on the front porch in a swing, not shivering inside.

I hate global warming. ;)

Mar 24, 2008

The "Mighty Wurlitzer"

Here we are with some of the cousins at "The Paramount Music Palace" in Indianapolis.

This was a great place to go. I don't remember the pizza being that great or bad but the organ was cool. Bubbles a bird in the cage, mirror ball and trumpets in the balcony. It was fun to hear and to see.

Grandma White loved it because she played the organ and it was fun to hang out with family.

I wish it was still here but the restaurant closed in 1995, it was purchased to be installed in a musical museum in Germany.

When plans for this fell through, it was purchased for use in the Roaring 20s Pizza and Pipes in Florida.

I wish it was still here for my kids.

Grandma took them to see it before it left town but they can barely remember it.

So Here it is!

Here is where it is now. Link

This is a different organ but a better video and song that Grandma White liked "The Chattanooga Choo Choo"

Mar 21, 2008


Wow thats a lot of yucca.

There is a mystery in this picture, how did Mom take it?

Isn't Dad holding the camera? Were we double cameraing it this trip?

Chad is taking the official "The camera is out I better pose." pose.

Brett is making the tennis visor/football jersey combo popular and I am being health conscious drinking my Welches grape juice.

Oh and did I mention the giant yucca and Dad's giant glasses?

The Whole Gang

Here is another song they did at competition where the whole family participated.

Megan and Levi tried out for and made the school ensemble, called the Tabernacle Ambassadors.

Elaine was asked to play piano for them and on a few hard pieces Joel turns the pages on Elaines music.

Oh and I video taped it.

Mar 20, 2008

What This Dad Saw

It is now my turn to be behind the camera.

My daughter Megan is now a senior and this year she and her friend Emily sang a duet in the sate competition.

I am glad to report that they won!!

Now they are off to South Carolina in a few weeks to compete in the national competition.

Pray they do well.

Mar 19, 2008

Getting Ready for Easter

Here Shari is looking all pretty at an Easter celebration at aunt Carol's house.

This looks to be the day of a very serious football game because I recognize some of the clothes in the background also being in some huddles posted earlier. Here and here.

Not to be out done here I am in all my 70's glory.

Bow chicka wow wow.
A tisket a tasket a yellow leisure suit and basket!

Mar 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

When I turned 40 my Mom said I was no longer her son but that I had now become her brother.

By my count she now has only one son but has gained herself two brothers.

Happy Birthday!

Mar 17, 2008

Chad O'Toole

Today is Chad's birthday and tomorrow is Mom's birthday. So happy birthday!!!

Mom said when Chad was born she lost her birthday but here we see that they at least shared a cake together. I will also note that they had a celebrity lite the cake. None other than Luke Skywalker!

They had other celebrates there as well like the cantina guy.

I want to say C3p0 was also there but I am not for sure that that is him but whoever he is he is riding in a cool landspeeder.

Mar 13, 2008


Mom and Chad have birthdays coming up.

Mar 11, 2008



If I remember right we went to Marineland more than once during our trips to Florida.

Back in the day it was like Sea world with shows and big aquariums.

I looked it up on the web to see if it was still there and it is.

Looks like it is a place to go swim with dolphins now.

The last time we went they had a really good 3D movie with sharks and snakes jumping out at you.

I love 3D movies and watching Dad jump.


Mar 7, 2008

I know where this slide is taken but I don't recognize anyone in it.

The place is the gym at Trafalgar elementary.

Can anyone identify anybody?


I saw these online the other day and they reminded me of some of our slides. Here is the post I automatically thought of when I saw this art. Click Here.

Our love for the Lone Ranger costume made me appreciate these funnies.

Elaine's Dad, Gary, always told her that kemo sabe meant chicken manure.

That really changes their relationship when you think of it like that.

I thought it was funny and I looked up the definition for it on the, always right, world wide web.

It seems there is no right official right answer.

One says it means "Friend" which is what I always thought. Another says it means "Trusty Scout", that makes sense. Yet another claims it means "One who is white". But the last definition I found says it meant "Soggy Shrub".

Maybe Elaine's Dad was right. I did find this illustration.
And Gary Larson's Far Side cartoons once showed the Lone Ranger looking in an Indian dictionary and discovering that kemosabe is "an Apache expression for a horse's rear end."

Mar 6, 2008


Here we are at our Uncle George's watching T.V..

I don't know why we were watching T.V. there but I am glad we got to do it other places besides home.

Maybe it was color set or something.

I look forward to going home and watching Lost with my girl tonight on a color set.

I'm movin on up. . . . .

Mar 4, 2008

The Threat

This sure looks like I am being threatened in this slide.

I do not remember this but I surmise this slide surrounds my 16th birthday.

I say this because we are next to the Datsun B210 which was my first car, the threating, the finger pointing and the menacing lean towards me.

The day I got my license we left on one of our vacations.

I got my license, we hoped on the interstate in the the pouring rain and I thought we would all die when Dad had me pass a semi.

I am pretty sure we pulled over at Columbus and Dad drove us the rest of the way.

Fun, fun, fun.

It worked Dad, you put the fear in me.

On another note, I am sporting a mean hair style and I see no trees in the front yard.

Time flies and so do semi's.

Mar 3, 2008

Stop or I'll Drool

Classic Chad.

Somebody please comment about his shirt.