Mar 20, 2008

What This Dad Saw

It is now my turn to be behind the camera.

My daughter Megan is now a senior and this year she and her friend Emily sang a duet in the sate competition.

I am glad to report that they won!!

Now they are off to South Carolina in a few weeks to compete in the national competition.

Pray they do well.


7singergirl said...

You should be very proud!

Me said...

That's my "Memee." I'm just glad that when she got on stage she didn't say "I don't want to sing, I want to dance!" like she did when she was three!
Nationals here we come!

Emmalea said...

And that's our "MayMay" - that's the pronounciation for my pet name for Megan, our oldest granddaughter. AND no doubt about it --- SHE IS GRAND!!!! Papaw and I are SO very proud of Megan --- and Emily. We're not sure how angels in heaven will really sound - but hearing this performance surely is a good introduction to the realms of glory that await. YOU GO GIRLS! Our "GRANDest" prayers will be with you!
Love~Nana and Papaw