Mar 7, 2008


I saw these online the other day and they reminded me of some of our slides. Here is the post I automatically thought of when I saw this art. Click Here.

Our love for the Lone Ranger costume made me appreciate these funnies.

Elaine's Dad, Gary, always told her that kemo sabe meant chicken manure.

That really changes their relationship when you think of it like that.

I thought it was funny and I looked up the definition for it on the, always right, world wide web.

It seems there is no right official right answer.

One says it means "Friend" which is what I always thought. Another says it means "Trusty Scout", that makes sense. Yet another claims it means "One who is white". But the last definition I found says it meant "Soggy Shrub".

Maybe Elaine's Dad was right. I did find this illustration.
And Gary Larson's Far Side cartoons once showed the Lone Ranger looking in an Indian dictionary and discovering that kemosabe is "an Apache expression for a horse's rear end."

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xenos said...

As the artist and the owner of the artwork with child flying off the swing featured in this post, I respectfully request that you take my image off of your blog immediately as it was used without my permission. Thank you.