Mar 4, 2008

The Threat

This sure looks like I am being threatened in this slide.

I do not remember this but I surmise this slide surrounds my 16th birthday.

I say this because we are next to the Datsun B210 which was my first car, the threating, the finger pointing and the menacing lean towards me.

The day I got my license we left on one of our vacations.

I got my license, we hoped on the interstate in the the pouring rain and I thought we would all die when Dad had me pass a semi.

I am pretty sure we pulled over at Columbus and Dad drove us the rest of the way.

Fun, fun, fun.

It worked Dad, you put the fear in me.

On another note, I am sporting a mean hair style and I see no trees in the front yard.

Time flies and so do semi's.

1 comment:

Emmalea said...

Neither one of you look too upset. Definitely a staged photo. However, I do rember Dad's finger in faces a few times during teen years. You guys were pretty easy. more fun than fury for sure. Hope you all remember it that way too.