Mar 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

When I turned 40 my Mom said I was no longer her son but that I had now become her brother.

By my count she now has only one son but has gained herself two brothers.

Happy Birthday!


Emmalea said...

Thanks for the kind photo Brian -- I was a bit scared of what archived photo of me you might post on my 60th birtday. Actually, I am very happ that all 3 of my boys are truly my Brothers - in Christ. It is still hard for dad and I to think we have such old guys for kids! Reality is reality though. After a busy day at Bouncer Town hauling little kids up the slide and through the obstacle course -- I feel sort of old tonight. But - I did have fun playing with the little kids. ~ Mom

7singergirl said...

you are absolutely beautiful! then and now! ~bridget