Mar 21, 2008


Wow thats a lot of yucca.

There is a mystery in this picture, how did Mom take it?

Isn't Dad holding the camera? Were we double cameraing it this trip?

Chad is taking the official "The camera is out I better pose." pose.

Brett is making the tennis visor/football jersey combo popular and I am being health conscious drinking my Welches grape juice.

Oh and did I mention the giant yucca and Dad's giant glasses?


Emmalea said...

We had a Trusty little Kodak Instamatic point and shoot before Dad purchased the first Pentax. The photo must have been taken by old Trusty. Double shooting is always a good idea while getting use to a new camera - expecially at a monumental event like a Marineland vacation. Dad does look handsome in his big framed glasses (very "in" at the time) and long hair. Hard to remember him with that much hair! You guys were pretty coordinated all wearing blue or white. There is a hint of Chad's plaid shorts - I think were cut off from old bell-bottoms with damaged knees. Brian still has all the legs on his jeans, and Brett's cut-offs were most likely salvaged from Brian's knee-worn jeans from the year before. We were frugal folks - and somewhat stylish --- really we were.~Mom

Emmalea said...

Dad looked back at the other photo that you have posted - taken at Marineland-same clothes on. He noticed I had a different SLR camera - with a different neckstrap than the one he has on in this photo. Then he solved the mystery for sure. He had the Pentax Spotmatic -- and we had just purchased the Pentax K1000. We were double shooting the vacation. THANKS DAD, for rememberin the old cameras so well.