Mar 17, 2008

Chad O'Toole

Today is Chad's birthday and tomorrow is Mom's birthday. So happy birthday!!!

Mom said when Chad was born she lost her birthday but here we see that they at least shared a cake together. I will also note that they had a celebrity lite the cake. None other than Luke Skywalker!

They had other celebrates there as well like the cantina guy.

I want to say C3p0 was also there but I am not for sure that that is him but whoever he is he is riding in a cool landspeeder.


brett said...

Happy Birthday little Bro'!

Emmalea said...

Happy (38th) Birthday Chad. We love you!
~ Mom and Dad

Emmalea said...

Chad was born the day before I became 22 years old. He was the most incredible birthday present any mom could ever have delivered in time for a birthday gift! He was my little leprechan - complete with 1 pointed ear. I loved that! Believe me - it was always more fun celebrating his birthday than mine! I loved playing with his toys too! Do you still have the St. Pat's button collection? One of my favorite buttons was "March the 17th - sleep the 18th!" perfect! Also - Patrick O'Toole was a name Uncle Matie dubbed our Irish son. Matie always said it with an Irish brogue that befit the name. Ahhhh - memories!

Karswell said...

Looks like a Micro Naut in the landspeeder.