Mar 3, 2008

Stop or I'll Drool

Classic Chad.

Somebody please comment about his shirt.


Emmalea said...

That's my classic baby boy memory! Seeing that shirt - I can still smell the slobber shirts as well. It's the sweet aroma to remember and only a mother could tear up over the thought. I always figured his chest was going to chap from being so wet - but intead God used it to grow the hairiest of chests of our 3 sons. That slobber-power should have been bottled and saved for the bald heads! We love the slobber box photos. Wish we had a video with sound of when Chad would sing Frosty the Snowman. The slobbers would bubble out the sides of his mouth every time he sang Froshhhhhteee--the---shhhhnowman. Although it was precious at the time, we are glad that drooling has since ceased and his awesome voice can be projected without his shirts being soaked. (He would look funny with a big bib on now!) Love ya Chad!!!

Anonymous said...

dude, it was a medical issue i couldn't help - enough with the slobber jabs already (jk) i was fine with it, mom was too - nowdays my pits look like the front of that shirt... chad