Apr 29, 2011

Awards Night

My son, Joel, with the sports awards he won last night.

The two trophies are for Christian leadership for his soccer and basketball teams.

The parchment is a paper that shows the Indiana's congress entered into the records their winning the state basketball tournament for their division.

Good job Joel!

Apr 22, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

We always did them in our underwear.
I guess that's why Mom and Dad hid the eggs inside and not in the yard.

Apr 20, 2011



Chad and a friend swinging in the backyard. 1976

Apr 19, 2011

Morel Mushrooms

Morel mushrooms are back!

I know some of you have never been mushroom hunting, some of you haven't been hunting in a long time and some of you need to adjust your eyes before you hit your favorite spots to hunt.
So I am providing you with online mushroom hunting!

Do you see the mushroom?

Take another step closer and bend over towards the ground a little.

Can you spot it now?

There it is!

A nice gray morel.

I found a couple of "blacks" yesterday too.

Second try.
Look closely.

Do you see it?
It is camouflaged pretty good.

Found it.

I also see these in the spring.

It is called "A Preacher in a pulpit".

Open the little flap and you can see the Preacher.

Nice one.

Here is how it really looks.

Happy hunting and I hope I find more mushrooms than you!

That's the way mushroom hunting goes. You hide all the good spots and always say you found more than the other guy.

Apr 18, 2011

The Barn

Grandpa and Grandma's barn.

I wonder how many times my Dad walked the trail to the barn?

Apr 14, 2011


Chad back in 1973 drinking one of his favorite drinks. Orange Hi-C.

No bag or box but and strength building can.
A can that came sealed up in case the Commies dropped a bomb on us it would last.
A can that took a can opener to open it.
Remember those?

You had to poke two holes in it if you wanted it to pour out too. Just like oil cans.
That right oil doesn't come in cans anymore either.

They needed big cans because we had big thirsts back then.
We played out side back then.
No 24 hour television.
No DVR, Tivo or even VHS tapes.
The only movies you watched at home were 8 mm movies. They had no sound and they stared you and your family.

The games we played back the required imagination and not a television or a hand held device.

Thanks Hi-C for being there for us.

Apr 13, 2011


Man I look determined to beat the kid in the blue.
I never was very fast though.

I hate to date me but we are running on a cinder track!

Look at the kid in the left corner. "One size fits all" uniforms comes to mind.

I loved track. Fun sport.
I couldn't run but I could jump.
I did high jump until my Senior year. I would have done it then but I got a job and couldn't make practice.
I still have the same job. 27 years. Time sure flies.

Apr 12, 2011


This was an artificial ski slope that was in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

It was like plastic grass with little rubber beads placed all over it.
In the slide you can see that they are watering it down to help make it slick.

We didn't ski that day but we did do the Alpine slide down the hill.

Apr 11, 2011


It took me a while on this slide and I am still a little confused by it.

At first I couldn't find anyone I knew on the coaster. I didn't even know what coaster it was.

I then determined that it was the Scooby-Doo at Kings Island in Ohio.
It was later called the Beastie. That might be what it is in this picture. I don't know.

I liked riding in the last car on a roller coaster and that is where I think I found me.
It has been a few years since I looked like that and I seldom saw myself with hair blowing back in full rock star fashion so I was hard to spot.

I have no idea who I am sitting with.
Kinda looks like me but younger.

Did I time travel? Did everyone else ride the Beast and I stayed on the Beastie or Scooby-Doo to right with my younger self?

Was it just some random kid?
Maybe I am the one on the left and I am sitting next to Greg Brady/Johnny Bravo?

The Brady's did travel to Kings Island you know.

Any ideas?

Apr 8, 2011


Me riding the baseball bench.
this was the first team I was ever on and the first sport I ever played.

Apr 7, 2011

1970's Baseball Parade

I can't tell you who one single person is in this picture.

I remember being on a "float" in the parade that day. I think it was 1976 and part of the bicentennial town celebration.
I bet at one time I could have told you every kid in this slide.
Time flies.

Apr 5, 2011

Spring Break

Sorry for the lack of postings but we were on spring break!
Instead of heading south we went north to New Hampshire and visited a missionary that we support.

I made a Bat-friend while we were there.

Joel had a good time while he was there too.

Elaine and I stopped at the Niagara Falls and really enjoyed it even though most of it was frozen and closed.

Lake Eerie still had ice on it too.

We were home last night I at dinner I played with a new 3D app for my ITouch.



Look at Levi's eyebrows.


In the background you can see Scooby looking at us and then looking away.

Sorry if those made you dizzy but I had to play with it.