Apr 5, 2011

Spring Break

Sorry for the lack of postings but we were on spring break!
Instead of heading south we went north to New Hampshire and visited a missionary that we support.

I made a Bat-friend while we were there.

Joel had a good time while he was there too.

Elaine and I stopped at the Niagara Falls and really enjoyed it even though most of it was frozen and closed.

Lake Eerie still had ice on it too.

We were home last night I at dinner I played with a new 3D app for my ITouch.



Look at Levi's eyebrows.


In the background you can see Scooby looking at us and then looking away.

Sorry if those made you dizzy but I had to play with it.


Angel said...

Is Joel wearing his glasses because he shed a lot of tears when he left New Hampshire?

Emmalea said...

Looks like you experienced at least a 6.5 earth quake at your place! Mercy! I think that 3 D thing is dangerous. If it makes the house shake like that - don't be shooting any photos are our house when you visit!