Apr 14, 2011


Chad back in 1973 drinking one of his favorite drinks. Orange Hi-C.

No bag or box but and strength building can.
A can that came sealed up in case the Commies dropped a bomb on us it would last.
A can that took a can opener to open it.
Remember those?

You had to poke two holes in it if you wanted it to pour out too. Just like oil cans.
That right oil doesn't come in cans anymore either.

They needed big cans because we had big thirsts back then.
We played out side back then.
No 24 hour television.
No DVR, Tivo or even VHS tapes.
The only movies you watched at home were 8 mm movies. They had no sound and they stared you and your family.

The games we played back the required imagination and not a television or a hand held device.

Thanks Hi-C for being there for us.


Me said...

You gotta love chubby toddler hands! We did play outside all the time back in the 70s! Kids today just don't get it.

Angel said...

Love this picture! And, I was fondly thinking about can openers. Life just isn't the same. And, I did watch TV, but I remember playing outside a lot more. The other day I was teaching Madelyn hopscotch, which I always drew with chalk on our sidewalk and played. . .all by myself! Imagine that!

Emmalea said...

Funny thing was that HI-C can was Chad's birthday gift. That's what he asked for---"A can of Hi-C -- just for me." He was the drinkinest boy back then, I could not keep him as hydrated as he wanted to be! I feared someday they would tell me he was diabetic - as excessive thirst was a sign.

And I loved washing those chubby hands full of dirt and grime most of the time. I said a little poem to him when he was particularly dirty and the white soap quickly turned brown. "Wash hands wash, Daddy's gone to plow. If you want your hands washed, have them washed now." I didn't make that up! IT was in one of his story books about a farmer and his kids.

I always wondered and prayed about what creative things those little grubby chubby hands would do someday.Hnnn-he carries a side arm glock daily.