Feb 24, 2012

Karate Chop!


From Richard Dragon Kung-Fu Fighter, 1970.

Feb 23, 2012

Big Jim's Pack

I bought a comic from 1970 the other day and found this ad for Big Jim's pack inside it.

Big Jim and the pack were action figures my brothers and I played with a growing up.

I normally played with Warpath because I always played the Indian.
Chad had Dr. Steel and I can't remember if Brett had The Whip or Big Jim. Maybe both?

These were cool action figures.
When you bent their arm, in the muscle flexing position, their biceps actually flexed!

Warpath had a bow that actually shot arrows.
The others had a karate action arm that would chop when you pushed a button in their backs.
This also made the crack their whips or throw the boomerang.

The other cool things about these guys was that the bottoms of their boots had a paw print on them that would leave a track in the dirt where they had walked. (More like after you shoved them in the ground to make a paw print)

Great toys.