Oct 30, 2009


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My Mom made this video of me and my family.
I am the mad scientist.
Levi is Frankenstein, Joel is the Wolfman and Megan is Dracula.
Elaine is the bride Frankenstein.

Look for my revenge on my Mother in future posts.

View Master: Monsters 1976 8


Van Helsing drives a stake through Dracula's heart.

Oct 29, 2009


I am number 88 on in red on the end.
I remember getting the Indian Creek stickers and sticking them all over our helmets.

Brett at quarterback.

View Master: Monsters 1976 7


Daybreak weakens Dracula.

Oct 28, 2009

Flying Squirrel

For the second time this year we have had a flying squirrel get in the house.
Fortunately our faithful watch dog, Scooby, kept an eye on him until we could get him outside.

They don't really look too much like a squirrel but they are kinda cute.

He only had one short flight while he was being chased.
He flew from a painting hanging over the fireplace to a wood box that my wife has decorated until winter.

It was a good place to pose for a picture.

He then hid up in a recess in the top of the wood box.

He looks more like a flying squirrel when he is all spread out.

During the chase he decided to pose for me one last time.
This time it was on a fossil fish we have.

He also hid on the backside of the hornets nest and on various other objects we have on the shelf but not long enough for the paparazzi.

Here is some of the chase.

View Master: Monsters 1976 6


Dracula casts no reflection in a mirror!

This one is so cool in the View Master viewer.
It has excellent 3D and a picture within a picture.
A ton of work went into this little scene and I appreciate it.

Oct 27, 2009


I just wanted to share some more slides from that box Dad gave me the other day.

I think these really show my parents talents as photographers.

I title the first slide "Physco Chad on tire swing".

This one is called "Remove shoes upon entry" and is a picture of my Uncle Georges living room.
We weren't allowed in here as kids.

"Gridiron" is our final installment for today.
Simply stunning.

View Master: Monsters 1976 5


The silver bullet hits its mark!

Oct 26, 2009


We had a cookout at Mom and Dad's house Saturday and Dad asked if I wanted some old negatives that he had.

I said "Sure" and he then reveals that the box has some old slides in it too!

He said he recycled all the paper from them though.
We means he tore off the card that holds the film making them "Slides".

Look at this gem that was salvaged.

A typical day for me in the winter time.
Build a long card house to try to get into the Genuiss Book of World Records.

Some Fisher Price Adventure People to play with.

All while watching Star Trek.


I never even knew I had a picture of my Estes Rocket I had built.

It came with three engines and unfortunately I lost it in the cornfield on the final flight.

We did find the fins in the spring after the farmer plowed the field though.

View Master: Monsters 1976 4


Wolf Man howls at the Moon.

Oct 23, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Chad and Brett are.

View Master: Monsters 1976 3


Gerald becomes a Werewolf!

A few more pictures of the Werewolf.

The Creek

Mom and my cousin Trina are playing by the creek with me.

I have a ton of memories surrounding our creek.
The first slide was taken in 1974 back by a tree that we called the canoe tree.
You can see it behind me to the right. I mention it HERE before.

The creek cut through a good portion of our five acres and was countless hours of fun.
It dried up in the heat of summer and was as large as a river in the spring floods.

When heading out to play our parents would ask where we were going.
We would say "To the creek!" and they would respond "Don't get wet!".
Yeah right.
We didn't usually get soaked but out pants would get wet nearly every time.

Thanks Mom and Dad for buying property with a fun feature on it that was as only as limited as our imaginations were.

Oct 22, 2009

View Master: Monsters 1976 2


"Create a friend for me!"
"Never!" I told the monster.

Here are a few more Frankenstein slides for you.

He looks like Herman Munster in this one.

Oct 21, 2009

Fall In Brown County 1976

From the looks of this slide I deduce that we must have played Brown County in a football game and that Todd Burke, a friend if mine, rode home with us.

View Master: Monsters 1976

Halloween is next week so for the rest of this week and all of next I have some ViewMaster Monsters for you.

This set originally came with Frankenstein, Godzilla and Wolfman.
When I got it it also had Dracula thrown in as well.

Sadly none of them are complete sets.
So I will post two frames from each set to give you a taste of them.
I won't do Godzilla now because it is a cartoon reel and doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the set.

The others are truly creepy and have some great 3D that I hope comes through when they wobble.
I would have been creeped out with these as a kid but still would have looked at them over and over.



Success! A Shock from my lightning machine and the body moved!

Oct 20, 2009

Fall 1973

Mom, Chad, Brett, Shari and me in a over look in Brown County State park, 1973.

Lets zoom in on the action.

Looks like Mom is entertaining Shari and I with something funny.

Brett is eating an ice cream cone. He could make a cone last forever.
I would gobble mine up in a minute and he would still be licking his. I think they bought him two cones at a time.
We are in a overlook in Brown County and the closet Dairy Queen is miles away and Brett still isn't to the cone yet.

Chad is slobbering down a cookie.

Brown County is rolling hills and is known for its beautiful fall foliage.
In 1973 you could climb one of these towers and look out at the fall colors for miles.
On a more recent visit it seemed that the park had let the trees up close grow up and obscure the view.
Literally you can't see the forest for the trees now.

What were we looking at that day in 1973?

Our station wagon.

Cinderella ViewMaster, 7


She married her Prince as the happy mice looked on.

Oct 16, 2009

Just Reflecting

Left to right.
Chad, Me, Brett and Mom.


Cinderella ViewMaster, 6


The Duke fitted the glass slipper on Cinderella.

Oct 14, 2009

Edinburgh Dam 1977

Playing at the dam in Edniburgh.
I am probably pointing to a buried treasure or something like that.
I always have my eye open for one kind of treasure or another.
Brett is looking completely 70' s fashionable even though it looks like he is wearing his football cleats and I think Chad sees what I see.
It is appropriate that I am pointing here.
Every time we drive by this spot I tell my kids to "Look at the dam" or that "The dam is coming up on the left".
So much so that my wife and kids all start in making fun of me whenever we get close to this spot now.
"Hey Dad here comes the dam!" "Oh Brian there is the dam!""Dad look out your window".

I don't know where they get their sense of humor

Kids look at the first slide. "Did you see it? "Did you see the dam?" "There it is".


Cinderella ViewMaster, 5


Bruno chased Lucifer away. Cinderella was freed!

Oct 13, 2009

Rock City 1978

Lookout Mountain where you can see seven states all from one viewpoint.

Dad is capturing this historic moment and what is his family doing?
Mom is being a smart alack and taking a picture of Dad.
I will have to keep my eye open for a picture of Dad taking a picture in all these slides.

Seems that Chad is reading to us about this historic spot and what all we can see from here.

I am looking to see how high up we are or I just spit.
I could be considering the Bobby Brady move of jumping over the side with a tape measure to see how high the mountain is but I bet I just spit.

Brett is saying "We've seen it. Now lets move on!".

What else is it that I see?
The paper the Brett chewed the corner off of.If you don't know what I am referring to read this post HERE