Oct 30, 2009


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My Mom made this video of me and my family.
I am the mad scientist.
Levi is Frankenstein, Joel is the Wolfman and Megan is Dracula.
Elaine is the bride Frankenstein.

Look for my revenge on my Mother in future posts.


karen said...

Love It. Your Mom Is so creative. I'm sure you will think of something just as good.KAREN

Me said...

That is absolutely hilarious!! Our family can really get down! Ha Ha!!

I just wish I could really dance that well. Now Brian, well . . . let's just say it looked pretty natural.


Brian A said...

Ha! Ha! That's great.

Thanks for the laugh.

...and the Monster Mash song. Halloween doesn't feel complete without it and I hadn't heard it yet this year.

Emmalea said...

oooo Brian! I'm SO scared....as if you naven't embarrassed me enough with the stuff you "make up" on this blog about me! LOL -- nothing like good (clean)family fun. Your dad really did laugh out loud when he saw the Jib Jab thing. And just so you know, I picked on Brett's family too. It have 5 openings - so those 2 families were asking for it. It was a challenge for me to do the editing - but it was worth it...and I learned a little bit too. Until Next time--same Bat-time - same Bat Channel......