Oct 21, 2009

View Master: Monsters 1976

Halloween is next week so for the rest of this week and all of next I have some ViewMaster Monsters for you.

This set originally came with Frankenstein, Godzilla and Wolfman.
When I got it it also had Dracula thrown in as well.

Sadly none of them are complete sets.
So I will post two frames from each set to give you a taste of them.
I won't do Godzilla now because it is a cartoon reel and doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the set.

The others are truly creepy and have some great 3D that I hope comes through when they wobble.
I would have been creeped out with these as a kid but still would have looked at them over and over.



Success! A Shock from my lightning machine and the body moved!


Brian Ashmore said...

Monsters!! Yes!!

Love the themed masthead, too.

Frankenstein and the Wolfman were always my favorite monsters.

Francesca Slone said...

Cool! And kinda creepy as well. LOL. I bet this looks great especially with Godzilla and Dracula. Seeing those two monsters in motion already gives me the creeps.