Oct 5, 2009

Playing in 1974

I don't know where this slide was taken.
It isn't our swing set. We didn't have a plastic horse on ours.
This is a prim-o-deluxe swing set.

I love the cans in the foreground.
They look like soup cans.
Hard edges. No tapered edges to make drinking easier.
Pull tabs that you would drop inside the drink, because you didn't want to liter, and then hope not to choke on them.
The world was tougher in the seventies.

I don't know what the brown and yellow cans are.
I would guess that it is some kind of root beer drink.


Karen said...

Brian, I think this is at aunt Dixies & uncle leslie's old house. Cousin Karen

Brian B said...

Really? you have a good memory.
I don't ever remember playing on the swing there.
Mostly playing basketball and riding bikes.