Oct 7, 2009

Cinderella ViewMaster, 1


The mice got the key from the stepmothers pocket.

This one is a three disk set but I only have the third disk but my daughter has always loved Cinderella so I though I would post it anyway.

I found this in a local antique store and it is badly damaged.
I hope the other pictures turn out better than this one did.

Here is what it looked like in its original form.

This one is from 1965 and so am I!

Does this mean that I belong in an antique store and am in need of repair?


Cody B. said...

I hope not, cause I'm from '83, so that would mean I'm supposed to be "vintage" and "hip". *SHUDDER*

Brian B said...

I hear ya Cody.
Thanks for commenting.