Oct 28, 2009

Flying Squirrel

For the second time this year we have had a flying squirrel get in the house.
Fortunately our faithful watch dog, Scooby, kept an eye on him until we could get him outside.

They don't really look too much like a squirrel but they are kinda cute.

He only had one short flight while he was being chased.
He flew from a painting hanging over the fireplace to a wood box that my wife has decorated until winter.

It was a good place to pose for a picture.

He then hid up in a recess in the top of the wood box.

He looks more like a flying squirrel when he is all spread out.

During the chase he decided to pose for me one last time.
This time it was on a fossil fish we have.

He also hid on the backside of the hornets nest and on various other objects we have on the shelf but not long enough for the paparazzi.

Here is some of the chase.


Bubbashelby said...

That's so cool. I've never lived anywhere where flying squirrels make their homes, but I had to chase a bat out of our last house.

karen said...

Awesome, That is so cool.

Brian Ashmore said...

That had me cracking up almost the whole time. Nice soundtrack!!

"Rocky" seemed to be pretty calm and well-behaved for a wild varmit. He must have known he was on camera.

Me said...

"Faithful watchdog, Scooby" - I think you do love him after all!

Just for the record, on the video that is Megan and Brian trying to get "Rocky" out of the house. I was hiding in our bedroom!