Oct 23, 2009

The Creek

Mom and my cousin Trina are playing by the creek with me.

I have a ton of memories surrounding our creek.
The first slide was taken in 1974 back by a tree that we called the canoe tree.
You can see it behind me to the right. I mention it HERE before.

The creek cut through a good portion of our five acres and was countless hours of fun.
It dried up in the heat of summer and was as large as a river in the spring floods.

When heading out to play our parents would ask where we were going.
We would say "To the creek!" and they would respond "Don't get wet!".
Yeah right.
We didn't usually get soaked but out pants would get wet nearly every time.

Thanks Mom and Dad for buying property with a fun feature on it that was as only as limited as our imaginations were.

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Emmalea said...

You are welcome. It was fun for us as well. Still is! I was reminded this weekend of the fact that many others have memories captured on our property over the years. I had photo client (a senior) that had been photographed several times since she was a tiny girl. Her family was with her and they reminisced their previous occasions on the Butler property. They only had moments - we have decades!