Nov 28, 2007

Canoe Tree

I haven't been to the back of Dad's property in a while but I think this tree is still standing.

We found it when Dad had first bought the property.

I remember Brett and I fighting off a Red Winged blackbird that had nested in the tall grass and then venturing across the creek to find this tree.

It was hollow in at least two places in its trunk but in one fork in particular it was split open. We said if it ever feel over we could easily make a canoe out of it and thus the name "Canoe Tree" stuck.

I can't tell who is all in the tree. I see Brett for sure but not sure on who anyone else is.


mom said...

Yep, the Canoe Tree is still standing. I can't figure out who the other kids are. I do think this is before we built the house. See the clutter on the ground beyond the tree? There was a barn that had been dumped there. I was all excited about the wood - because of the paintings I sold in Nashville. Then the stuff disappeared. We followed the truck tracks to Mr. Palmers. I think you went with me for our first meeting. Found out he worked for the Indianapolis police. I was not impressed and not very happy that he had taken something that did not belong to him without asking. He had used the lumber to panel some of his home - so we didn't get it back. He and Betty ended up being good neighbors, but I was not so sure that was going to happen back then....

Brian said...

I noticed the wood in the background and now I do remember going with you to investigate.

I was hoping Brett could name the other boys.