Nov 30, 2007

New Flash?

I am guessing that Dad got a new flash for the camera and is testing it out in this picture.

I think this is when we lived on Lexington Ave. and if I am not mistaken it is taken in the back playroom.

It is good to see Shari in it.

Chad is busting a gut (and his socks) and Brett is surprisingly sucking his thumb.

I also noticed the hippopotamus on the couch. I remember it being around for a while and if I am not mistaken Mom made it.

Set me straight Mom where are we and what were we doing besides smiling and hiding our eyes from the blinding flash?


Anonymous said...

The lighting was provided by a very strong light we had for our movie camera. The SLR 35mm camera we had - I don't think had a place for a flash. The light would really get hot. In most of the home movies taken indoors - everyone squinted because the light was so bright.

The photo was taken in a back room we turned in to a TV/play room in the home on Lexington Ave. That room had been my bedroom growing up -- remember - Grandma sold us the house shortly before she married Grandpa white. Before we put the paneling up - the room had been the nursery -- with a huge Pooh and honey pot and balloon painted on one wall. This is also the room with the trap door in the floor that gave entry to the basement cellar. Yes, I had sewn the hippo with the hippy flower print. We made winnie the poohs, chicken doorstops, and stuffed pillows. Remember Chad's blue Teddy bear pillow. I had to make it 2 different years - he litterally wore out the first bear - the slobbers sort of rotted the materal - and it smelled pretty bad. We convinced him that Santa cleaned his old blue bear. This foolery was BEFORE I learned to do Stretch and Sew -- then it was t-shirts for everyone -- no time to sew toys anymore!

Tracy said...

I am suprised hat there is only ONE hippo. I thought your mom could only sew in three's.