Nov 15, 2007

Fun House

The fun house in Cave City, Kentucky.

I think this must be a later trip but I remember the first time we went through it with Dad.

We had begged him to go because it said "Fun House" on the outside. Dad had tried to warn us that a fun house might be scary. We persisted and Dad took us through the house. Chad choked Dads neck while Brett and I clamped onto his legs giving him a good work out.

This photo looks like we were by ourselves and my guess is it is on our way home from a Florida trip because Brett is wearing a shark tooth necklace.

I have on a Spiderman shirt and Chad has a Campbell's soup shirt on. Brett has on a sports jersey but who is number 39?

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mom said...

This was a revisit to the fun house. The time imprinted in Brians' mind - Chad was about 2. You guys continued to be totally creeped out when we would exit at Cave City (thanks to brave Brian's reminders every time) until -- one day when dad taunted reduntanly one more time and asked if you wanted to go through it again - Brett crossed the threshold of no return - and said he was not scared of that stuff anymore. You guys ALL proved you could take it....which was a good thing - since you had grown so much. Dad could not have carried Chad very far, let alone drag the other 2 guys through the scary place! Look at the smirks on the "little" guys now. Brian wanted SO bad to be the only one that walked through on his own 2 feet and lived to tell about it. But - now there are 3! AND Chad is wearing the Campbell soup label Stretch and Sew shirt. Perhaps it was Brian's that he outgrew. Poor Chad. He had to wear his, then Brett's then Brian's --- the reward of being #3. Brian had graduated to Spiderman and Brett to sport jerseys by this time. Chad couldn't wait till his brothers outgrew the NEW stuff.