Nov 9, 2007

A Busy Picture

Not only is this busy because of the quilt wall but there is a lot in this picture that I liked as a kid.

First I deduced that this is Chad's birthday party because the toys being opened were all Chad's.

I am holding (coveting) a Star Wars landspeeder, the coolest of all the Star Wars toys we owned.

It looked like it hovered and flew across the kitchen floor great.

There is also a Hulk pick up truck model and two other toys I cannot make out.

I did have trouble finding Chad in the picture and am not sure who anyone else is in the picture besides Amy Arkenburg.

I also don't ever remember eating a single meal in this room. I remember it being a storage room and a T.V. room but not a dinning room.

I always liked the chicken coop board that hung on this wall though. It contained. . .

Fair ribbons, dolls (I guess Mom needed some space), a Ted's Best sign, the big number "5", Moms paintings, a picture of 1451 Lexington Ave., trophy's, a whisky bottle of Rip VanWinkle, a drawing of Bugs Bunny one of us made, a headline reading "Brett's sure bet with his bat", and my favorite "The Apple Head Guy".

Apple head Guy was made from a shrunken apple made to look like an old mans head. Mom made it and placed it on a wire frame body covered with overalls and a shirt.

He fascinated me. The longer he sat on our shelf the more real he looked.

I don't know where he went but in my mind he is probably roaming the Earth some where.

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Tracy said...

I had totally forgotten about this wall but remember being fascinated by the room too. Love seeing Brett in his Staubach jersey. Surprised he's not in sweater vest with a "fancy" belt! This is such a great site.