Nov 12, 2007

Free Cat

This is Dad at Uncle George's farm. George is on the tractor and his son Steve is guzzling some cold water.

Then there is Chad.

We helped Uncle George put up some hay that day. The bailer dropped the bails on the ground and Brett and I worked hard to keep up with Dad and Steve placing bails on the wagon as it moved through the field. Chad rode on the wagon and I remember George giving him a hard time for not being able to lift a bail.

At the end of the day as he thanked us for our work, he told Chad that for all his hard work he had earned a free barn cat.

I can still hear Uncle George laugh.

Sadly Uncle George is gone but I think of him often. I have many good memories at his home.

I am proud of him serving in the Marines and post this in his honor on Veterans Day.

Thanks Uncle George and all who have and are serving our country.


Brett said...

I think we were older when Chad got the cat. I think he should have been able to lift the straw and that's why Uncle George was giving him such a hard time.

Brian said...

I know you are right but I could only remember bailing hay once and saw this picture, reminded me of it and.....