Nov 14, 2007

Lone Ranger

Being the older brother comes with certain privileges.

I got to do things first and pave the way for my younger siblings. I probably have more pictures of me or at least I am in more pictures. And I decided who would be who when my brothers and I would play.

This meant I was Batman and Brett was Robin. Chad was the bad guy we fought and tied up.
Brett and I even had some cool Batman moves.

We would stand back to back and hook our arms together, then I would bend over and pull Brett (Robin) onto my back into the patented BatKick position. ZAP! BIFF! BAM!

When we played Lone Ranger I liked Indians so I played Tonto and Brett got to be the Lone Ranger. I think Brett must have subtly suggested this arrangement though.

He got a cool gun with silver bullets and a cowboy hat. I got a leather loin cloth an a rubber knife. Sneaky very sneaky.


Mom said...

That adorable Lone Ranger was not riding a zebra to get away. That was the bedspread on our water bed. Talk about dramatic! I wanted a black and white ceiling too - but to do so had to get crafty. We painted the ceiling white and stuck strips of black electical tape to complete the stipes running lengthwise of the room.Oh, yes, mirror tiles were our headboard with zebra stipe curtains at the edges as well as matching drapes at our - 2 - 6 ft. windows. Grandma White thought our room was a bit too much -even a bit embarrassing.

Brian said...

I remember you showing it to visitors.
At the climax of the tour you would hit the full wave waterbed and make all the stripe dance between the bed, mirrors and ceiling.