Feb 27, 2009

Mom Returns to America

Mom heads home from El Salvador today.

So I thought I would leave her something special to welcome her.

Welcome home Mom.

Super Hero Museum 8

Costumes from Batman Begins including a costume for a penguin.

One of the disks that launched from the Batmobile in Batman Returns.

Feb 26, 2009

Mt. Rushmore

One year my parents took a trip out west on a train and they saw Mt. Rushmore while on the trip.

Dad took about 500 pictures of this occasion. Here are just a few of them.

But while looking at them it was hard to tell that "They" went.

And then I saw this one with my Mom actually in the photo.

Dad took close up shots.

Far away shots.

Extreme closeups.

A profile shot too but nothing that really said my Dad had been there, besides Mom.

Maybe it's because us kids didn't go. I don't know and I am not sure what exactly I was looking for but then I found it.

This is the investigative work of my Father. Only he would walk around back and capture it all.

Mr. Spock's Time Trek 6

Mr. Spock's Time Trek

The adult Spock saved the boy with a Vulcan neck pinch.

Neck pinch is that what it is called?

I thought it was the Vulcan nerve pinch or the Vulcan death grip..

I found this clip and it cleared up the whole matter for me.

How did View Master get that wrong?

Super Hero Museum 7

Where did he get all these wonderful toys?

A Batman lunch box with a thermos!

Batman on his bike, buttons and games.

Do any of you have any of this stuff?

Feb 25, 2009

Mr. Spock's Time Trek 5

Mr. Spock Time Trek 5

A dragon-lion attacked young Spock and his pet beast.

Super Hero Museum 6

What else was there to see?
An original drawing of Batman and Robin by Bob Kane.

Also more 60's Batman goodies, like a Batdirectory.

It must have been different than the phone book because Batman thought it vital to have both books in the Batcave.

Feb 24, 2009


Chad, on the far right, holding up Brett's future wife Tracy.

What year would this be? 1986?

Here is a close up.

Mr. Spock's Time Trek 4

Mr. Spock's Time Trek 4

To keep living, Spock must change his past.

Super Hero Museum 5

After traveling through a sea of Superman we entered into the darker section, the Gotham section of the collection.

My wife ran ahead to capture my face as I beheld Bat-things I had only seen on television before.

Yeah, I just stood there and soaked it in for a minute.

What did I see? Should I display it all now for you?

Nah , I will just tell you about it.

There were a lot of things there that I have in my Bat-collection. Enough so that Elaine said "You know you have a pretty good collection.".

I now have a few of my Bat-goodies on display in our home in what we call the BATROOM. She even told me that I need a new shelf to display some more of my collection. I love that woman.

But what did he have that I didn't have?

What did this man who owned at least one Superman suit from every Superman have from Batman?

I will show you pictures and here is the first item for your Bat-fix.

A telephone book for Gotham city from the Adam West series.

Wouldn't you love to have this on the table next to the phone?
Whose numbers were in it? I don't know because I wasn't allowed to touch it.

What other Bat-morabilia lies ahead?

All I can say is tune in tomorrow

Feb 23, 2009

Just A Swinging

Chad and Dana swinging behind the house while Mom watches on.

The thing Chad is swinging on is a water skiing handle that I dug out of the trash at the Boat Sport and Travel Show.

The makers of the handle put on a show where they put this handle through a stress test until it broke and then they had a boy come hang on it to show that you could still use it after it was broken.

They threw out some fishing line into the crowd that I caught and then after the show they chucked this broken handle in the trash.

Well, their show convinced me of the handles strength so I dug it out and brought it home.

We turned it into a trapeze swing and used it for many years until one day I was hanging from it by my legs and it broke. Stupid thing.

Mr. Spock's Time Trek 3

Mr. spok's Time Trek

Spock entered the vortex to go back to his childhood.

This one doesn't animate very well but you can see Spok stretch into the vortex.

Running back to his childhood?

What would you grab from your childhood and bring to the future if you could?

Feb 20, 2009

Super Hero Museum 4

Here I am soaking in all the little Superman things this man owned.

Me and the kids looking and more of the memorabilia. (Thank you spell check for that one)

Shelves and shelves of Superman toys, books, stickers, ads, cups, comics, and coloring books.
If it had an "S" on it and was blue he had it.

I can't remember what we were looking at in particular but It must have been something I had at some time.

Uncle Jack's house

It took me a while to figure this one out but it is my Uncle Jacks house in Florida.

I see Aunt Connie in the fridge and Mom at the stove.
Chad is plowing into the cereal.

We spent the night here on our trip to Florida after the blizzard of 78.

Uncle Jack told us hazing stories form when he played college football for the University of Kentucky.

I would love to share them with you but they might block my site if I did.
I still remember them though.

I remember asking him what it was like in the pro's and he shook his head and said "Those boys play for keeps!".

There is a picture of him in his UK days.

He was drafted in 1956 by the Los Angeles Rams.

I will post all the clippings we have on this in the future.

Mr. Spock's Time Trek 2

Mr. Spock's Time Trek

Kirk and crew beamed down to Time-Vortex planet.

I wish you could see this one in the View Master viewer. It captures the transport very well in cartoon form. Awesome.

Feb 19, 2009

Mr. Spock's Time Trek View Master

Mr. Spok's Time Trek

Strange Worlds are explored by the starship Enterprise.

This View Master Set is from the Flimation series "Star Trek The Animated Star Trek series" in 1973.

This reel (sadly I only have one reel) is based off the episode "Yesteryear".
If you want to know way to much about this episode click HERE.

El Salvador

Looks like Mom is going on a trip.

I don't know where she went this day (1965 and yes she is pregnant with me) but she is gone on a trip right now.

She is in El Salvador on a mission trip.

If you would like to follow her exploits you can do so by checking in at her blog. HERE

Feb 18, 2009

Super Hero Museum 3

George Reeves suit after they started filming in color.

I want to apologize now for some of the pictures.
I figured on going back and taking more pictures at a later date but the museum closed a couple of weeks after we visited it.
They did not allow any flash photography.
This becomes a real problem in the Batman section. So Sorry but I'm more frustrated than you are.

I'm not sure but I think the suit on the right is another George Reeve's suit.
The one on the left is Christopher Reeve's suit.

Here you can see Christopher Reeves suit and his wig, with curl.
The black outfit was Marlin Brando's.

The darker cape is Christopher Reeve's as well.
This cape was used when he was wearing the kryptonite necklace and was supposed to show his power being drained from him.
Helen Slater's Supergirl outfit next to another one of Brandos costumes.

Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain's outfits from Lois & Clark.

He had suits from Smallville too but I never watched the show so I didn't take any pictures of them. Dooh!

Drool Suit

Chad drooled so much Mom and Dad finally broke down and bought him a "drool proof" suit.


Batman: The Purr-fect Crime 21

Batman: The Purr-fect Crime 21

"Bruce, do you think Catwoman has nine lives, too?"

The last picture in the three reel set.

I can't believe they only did one episode on View Master.

I am glad for the one they did do but I am sad that it is done.

It won't be the last time Batman makes it on What My Dad Saw though.

Feb 17, 2009

Batman: The Purr-fect Crime 20 and Holding

As we near frame 21, the last frame for the View Master Reels "Batman: The Purr-fect Crime", I wanted to reveal something I discovered while scanning these transparencies.

As I zoomed in on the above picture I noticed that when I played with the "brightness and contrast" in Photoshop, the above message and image appeared!

It was Batman warning us that some of these images had been tampered with! Including the one above. A man clearly not Batman is wrestling the tiger in this one.

The vile villains of Gotham had tampered with the original prints and tried to spurn Batman and Robins good name.

They knew dedicated fans would stare at this pictures for hours on end and they hated that thought.

After I had Batman's warning I began to look harder at each frame.

Holy Hoaxes!! I found another one.

Click on the image to see for yourself.

Thankfully the Joker confessed once he was apprehended.

Diligence paid off so I went back to the reels once more to see what these images held.

Bingo! I found one more.

These fiends have been found out after forty three years.

Remember citizens crime does not pay.

I am just glad I could help.