Feb 3, 2009

Batman: The Purr-fect Crime 13

Batman: The Purr-fect Crime 13

In the catacombs Batman saw his Batsign again

- he was lost!


John said...

This is excellent. I obsessed on these Viewmasters as a kid, staring intently at each and every scene. Little did I know that one of Catwoman's thugs was played by my personal favorite Tarzan, JOCK MAHONEY!

The little booklet that came with the reels was lost when I was really little, but for years I remembered this particular page and the diagram aspect of it. When I saw that you could buy, for instance, novelizations of STAR TREK episodes, I imagined that there were diagrams like this in those books as well.

This past week my DVR finally snagged part 1 of this episode and I've been watching it with my kids. Batman appreciation is in the genes.

Brian said...

Wow I didn't know he played Tarzan.

I also saw that he was Sally Fields step Dad and played a ton of Cowboys.

Yeah as a kid I liked cutaways that showed the intricate workings of things. The Fantastic Four had one of their building.

Thanks for commenting John!!!