Feb 11, 2009


Please tune in tomorrow.

Same Battime. Same Batchannel.


Brian Ashmore said...

Hilarous! Just make sure he remembers the utility belt with the Bat-torch, Bat-washers, and Bat-copper pipe.

It wouldn't hurt if he had some Bat-snacks in there, too, when it was break time.

Holy Plumbing, Batman!

Me said...

Ahhhhh! Hot Water! Thank you for not being afraid to tackle the water heater yourself. Your plumbing is a work of art!

Love Me

*Note to Brian Ashmore - Thank you for the package you sent! Provided a much needed pick-me-up for my weary plumber!


Jay Amabile said...

Sorry to hear that good citizen. See you back same bat time...same bat blog

Bubbashelby said...

Hope you got that water heater issue solved!

Maybe you're ready for a Bat-Water heater. They're expensive but reliable as all get-out!

Brian Ashmore said...

My pleasure, Elaine! I'm glad you guys are "back in business." :)