Feb 9, 2009


I see this and I remember boarding in the school parking lot. Little skinny boards. Not like the wide boards they use today.

I take a closer look and think "This must be when we first got them". Why?

Looks like its winter out. Hat, gloves, winter coat and snow is dusting the ground.

So I zoom in to see if it is me, Brett or Chad boarding in the middle of winter.

Naaaaah. Its Mom.

Should have known.


Emmalea said...

Not sure I would try that again...especially balancing the cross between my shoulder blades!
I prefer roller blades to skateboards, however, I've only used those a half dozen times after I broke both elbows a couple of years ago. Aging appears to have more limitations than I thought it would. Bummer.

Brian said...

That's a telephone pole you Saint.

Emmalea said...

I actually knew that, DUH!
But the crop made it look like I was WAY saintlier than reality, (DUH!)
However, I do remember you "hanging" on a paper cross - in the family room floor while you drew an outline around me for the "glory barn" graphic you painted. You should post the barn sometime. It will soon be 15 years since we claimed that graffiti-ridden barn for the glory of God --and no one devaced your/HIS work. I love the object lesson in that! Thanks again for painting that barn for HIM.

Bubbashelby said...

Those old "boards" were the greatest - although I never got good enough to do anything besides sit on mine and ride it downhill.

Brian said...

Bubba= I know what you mean. We rode them that way more times than standing.

Any tiny piece of gravel would catapult you off so sitting was the preferred riding style.

Mom is just a show off.

Brian Ashmore said...

We used to ride them that way, too. Our street was on a pretty steep hill. We would ride down on two boards...a kid sitting on each board with their feet on the opposite board, locking elbows. We would HAUL down the street and have to bail into a yard to stop.

I had a translucent purple Nash skateboard that turned like an ocean liner with hard plastic wheels. I was always picking gravel out of those wheels that had become imbedded in the plastic. Hated that thing. I was very excited when I finally got a banana yellow board with soft rubber wheels and decent trucks.

Brett said...

I ended up cutting my old blue board up when I was in high school to attach to the bottom of my full leg cast and rolling down the hall at school!