Feb 26, 2009

Mt. Rushmore

One year my parents took a trip out west on a train and they saw Mt. Rushmore while on the trip.

Dad took about 500 pictures of this occasion. Here are just a few of them.

But while looking at them it was hard to tell that "They" went.

And then I saw this one with my Mom actually in the photo.

Dad took close up shots.

Far away shots.

Extreme closeups.

A profile shot too but nothing that really said my Dad had been there, besides Mom.

Maybe it's because us kids didn't go. I don't know and I am not sure what exactly I was looking for but then I found it.

This is the investigative work of my Father. Only he would walk around back and capture it all.

1 comment:

Brian Ashmore said...

Wow! Who knew? I thought the Hall of Records was back there. Turns out, it's just a really bad view.

I'll stick with the "public" viewing side. :)