Feb 24, 2009

Super Hero Museum 5

After traveling through a sea of Superman we entered into the darker section, the Gotham section of the collection.

My wife ran ahead to capture my face as I beheld Bat-things I had only seen on television before.

Yeah, I just stood there and soaked it in for a minute.

What did I see? Should I display it all now for you?

Nah , I will just tell you about it.

There were a lot of things there that I have in my Bat-collection. Enough so that Elaine said "You know you have a pretty good collection.".

I now have a few of my Bat-goodies on display in our home in what we call the BATROOM. She even told me that I need a new shelf to display some more of my collection. I love that woman.

But what did he have that I didn't have?

What did this man who owned at least one Superman suit from every Superman have from Batman?

I will show you pictures and here is the first item for your Bat-fix.

A telephone book for Gotham city from the Adam West series.

Wouldn't you love to have this on the table next to the phone?
Whose numbers were in it? I don't know because I wasn't allowed to touch it.

What other Bat-morabilia lies ahead?

All I can say is tune in tomorrow

1 comment:

Brian Ashmore said...

"Nah , I will just tell you about it."

Short on time again? I think this is a clear case of "devious."

Can't wait to see what's in store!