Feb 20, 2009

Super Hero Museum 4

Here I am soaking in all the little Superman things this man owned.

Me and the kids looking and more of the memorabilia. (Thank you spell check for that one)

Shelves and shelves of Superman toys, books, stickers, ads, cups, comics, and coloring books.
If it had an "S" on it and was blue he had it.

I can't remember what we were looking at in particular but It must have been something I had at some time.


Brian Ashmore said...

That looks like it was really fun to just soak all that in. What was playing on the monitor? Old serials or something?

Anonymous said...

I like the booty shot of you boys. lol. I think you guys were on the ground most of the time we were there. You just had to make sure you saw EVERYTHING! :) No, that was a really fun trip. I remember the collector saying that his wife had a ton of Barbies that she had collected. Now that would be a cool museum. . .